29th HSP Gathering Retreat – May 7-11, 21015 – Germany

What do ranking and linking, the HSP spiritual journey toward empowerment,  Healing from Past Wounds, and Nature as Teacher and Healer have in common?   They were all topics or experiential activities shared at the 29th HSP Gathering Retreat held in Goehrde, Germany at a beautiful retreat center called Duebbekold.  www.duebbekold.de

Lovely HSPs from 8 different countries ~ 29th HSP Gathering Retreat !

Lovely HSPs from 8 different countries ~ 29th HSP Gathering Retreat !

Once again I was privileged and honored to hold the space for 20 HSPs from 8 different countries as we came together to co-create a space and time which nurtured, and at times challenged us all.  Was it perfect?  No, of course not, because there is no “perfect.  Was it real?  Yes, absolutely.    And when I say “real” I mean , it was a place  where people could be exactly who they were at any given moment, myself included.   It was a place where we were all:

trust your process (1)“Trusting the Process, always asking:  “What is there for me to learn in this moment?” and, most importantly:  “What do I need in this moment?”

I often view the successful and unique HSP Gathering Retreats similar to what an “ideal family environment” might look and feel like:   Each voice was heard, if it wanted to be.  Individual differences were acknowledged and heard.  Each choice was honored or encouraged to be individually acted upon.  Disagreement was allowed and seen as “normal” and empathy was present even if there was disagreement.  The co-creation of these collaborative voices, and all who attended, help create another experience of lasting memories, and for some transformative changes in their personal lives.

Elaine Jacquelyn May 2015

Elaine Jacquelyn May 2015

“...It was such a gift to be present at an HSP gathering with all of you! I am glad to have been able to overcome the beast dragon (the fear) and find such a treasure behind it- the experience that I will carry through all of 
my life.  The change that I have experienced has been great.  There  is an abyss between my life before the  HSP Gathering Retreat and my current self- this is a quantum leap I would say..  It is not only the life that became different (as you warned us), but it is me myself who became different…  Thank you Jacquelyn, Barbara, Annet and every and each one of you...”  ~ Lyuba Ledomskaia

“There is so much potential insie of me.  I want to open my heart and soul more to the world and see what steeps inside of me.  I want to concentrate on my needs.  ” ~ Anonymous

“I know that I have just begun my journey and that I want to focus more on myself.  I want to love and accept myself so I can bloom.  I feel encouraged to go and follow my (HSP) path. ”

Thanks once again to my lovely co-hosts, Barbara Allen-Williams of www.hspsenstive.com and Anne DeZwart of http://www.annetdezwartlifecoaching.nl/  It was a pleasure to work with both of you … both personally and professionally !  I will always be grateful for the time we spend together.   And, last but not least, special thanks always goes to Dr. Elaine Aron, my co-founder of these retreats back in 2001 .  Without Elaine, and her belief in me and in the beauty of the HSP Gathering Retreats, they surely would have never happened.

Barbara, Jacquelyn, Elaine & Annet - 29th HSP Gathering Retreat - Germany

Barbara, Jacquelyn, Elaine & Annet – 29th HSP Gathering Retreat – Germany

 And there are still TWO more HSP Gathering Retreats to be held in 2015, and there is still time to save $50 US if you register soon.




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