30th and 31st HSP Gathering Retreats – Why NOW is the Time !

Elaine Aron &  Jacquelyn 29th HSP Gathering -  Germany - May 2015

Elaine Aron & Jacquelyn 29th HSP Gathering – Germany – May 2015

It often difficult to believe that it has been 15 years since co-creating the HSP Gathering Retreats with my friend and colleague, Dr. Elaine Aron in 2000 !   I know neither of us could have imagined that fifteen years later we would be involved in an international movement of highly sensitive people and that the HSP Gathering Retreats would still be going strong!  In fact, in many ways:

 ” I have come to see that Elaine Aron is to the HSP International Movement what Gloria  Steinem was to the Women’s Movement. “

Okay, maybe not that large, but nevertheless, a formidable figure for change !

Why NOW May Be the Time to Attend – or Re-Attend a HSP Gathering Retreat Welcome HSPs

Many people do not know that these Gatherings were given to me in a vision while I was hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park in 1999. I have been honored to watch the Gatherings dynamically and organically evolve. And I have been humbled as I have realized they were given to me as a spiritual gift – a gift to give away to you. My role has been to nurture and gently guide them ~ letting them have their full reign as our own HSP spirits have slowly awakened, grown and become empowered.

I too have grown and become empowered, and I have gotten older too, as has my non-HSP, Introvert husband of 36 years.   He has been retired over 1 year now.  I turn 66 in October, and more and more my thoughts keep turning to a lovely Spanish proverb:

“How beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest afterward.”

So, at this point I am not really sure just how much longer I will be doing the HSP Gathering Retreats ….maybe one a year ?    But I do know that I am choosing to slow way down.  I am taking no no new clients, and am working with the ones I have on closure.  So…who knows?  I’ll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, here is your personal invitation to the two remaining HSP Gathering Retreats for 2015.   I’m excited about both of them — one being near Vancouver, British Columbia and the other at Roosevelt Campobello International Park — where Eleanor Roosevelt and her family used to go for their summer vacations!  We will be incorporate the life of Eleanor Roosevelt into our agenda as she was Small Mindsmost likely an Empowered HSP.

An Invitation to Attend a HSP Gathering Retreat 

You Are Invited

A Gathering Retreat for Highly Sensitive People

The 30th HSP Gathering Retreat (Since 2001)
Abbottsford, British Columbia – August 8 – 12, 2015
Save $50 – Early registration deadline extended until June 25

and The 31st HSP Gathering Retreat 
Roosevelt Campobello International Park,
New Brunswick, Canada
Save $50 – Early registration deadline extended to July 30

with Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC
and Dr. Elaine Aron via teleconference

Register here:  http://www.lifeworkshelp.com/hspgathering.htm
Save $50 US –by taking advantage of the early registration deadlines

The HSP Gathering Retreats™ allow for the collective creation of a gentle, nurturing space where through education, reflection, inquiry and sharing we co-create a sense of self-acceptance and empowerment about who we are as HSPs. Within this compassionate community, comes the opportunity to discover and step into the beauty and power of your unique HSP self, while we enjoy the splendor of nature, nourishing food, and HSP soul friends.

Most of us have done much reading about what it means to be an HSP.    However, few have had the opportunity to experience what it is like to BE an HSP within the context of “being with other HSPs.”  This, in itself, is a unique and rewarding learning experience for each of us, and perhaps there is no better place to do this than the HSP Gathering Retreats.  Here you will have a chance to immerse yourself into a group of HSPs for four days in a nature-oriented retreat setting where we will focus on our HSP selves from an individual, holistic, community, and cultural perspective.  This, in itself, is an amazing experiential learning opportunity, and one that hopefully empowers us as we return to our daily routines and lives back home.

The specific content of the information you receive at the Gatherings, although important, is not the main focus … because after all, there are now thousands of websites, articles, courses and social media pages which answer all kinds of questions such as:  Just What IS an HSP?  How do I know if I am one? ? What is An HSS?  There is information on empaths, coping with stress, anxiety, over stimulation, relationships, depression, work issues, loneliness, and the list goes on.

Certainly, informing and grounding ourselves with knowledge about the HSP trait is crucial, yet the HSP Gatherings offer us a uniquely different experience.   Be sure to bring your journal, and your favorite pen to capture your own highlights and “a’ha moments,” as well as new  skills to add to your own unique HSP Owner’s Manual!

Throughout our four days together, besides enjoying music, deep conversation, poetry, art, or dance, we will all be observing, processing and learning, experientially,  to:

  • Discover, explore and celebrate our unique sensitivity – Understanding how you are similar or different from other HSPs
    • Conversation Cafes
    • The Myers Briggs Personality Assessment !  – Included as part of your retreat fee …
  • Set Boundaries by being in an environment which encourages us all to understand and practice the HSP Gathering Retreat Mottos which are to:“Focus on Needs, Not Approval”
    “Trust the Process,
    even if feeling vulnerable or confused, always asking:
      “What is there for me to learn in this moment?”
     And, perhaps more importantly,
    What am I needing in this moment?” Create, edit, or add to your own unique HSP Owner’s Manual, with a chance to learn new tools and skills, or put into practice your own coping mechanisms for making the most of your HSP gifts, including:

    • Awareness of energies and vibrations – our own and others to prevent overstimulation, and taking on the moods/energies of others;
    • Learning from the wisdom and experience of others
  • Learn when, if, and how to share your HSP  trait with others
  • Identify your stage of HSP growth and development from confusion and misunderstanding to the role of an Empowered Priestly Advisor
    • Including the HSP Stages of Cultural Awareness and Diversity and the HSP Spiritual Journey
      • Better understand what obstacles may be impeding your progress along your own journey.

Identify the five things all HSPs need to thrive and which ones you may already have accomplished.  One of these five things is SELF IDENTITY.   You will have the opportunity to take the statistically valid and reliable Myers Briggs Personality Assessment and receive numerous handouts related to work, emotional intelligence, spirituality and more.

 Live an authentic HSP life –
Utilize Nature as Teacher and Healer to answer the author and poet, Mark Nepo’s question: “What wants my heart’s attention?”

Finally, the theme of this HSP Gathering is  :
The Spiritual Journey to Empowerment for the Highly Sensitive Person. Jacquelyn will be presenting on this subject.

 An agenda showing approximate times for our break out sessions, group time, leisure retreat time, meal times, nap times, and more will be forthcoming once you have registered.

Other questions?   Concerns?   Please do let us know.  You may contact me at Jacquelyn@hspgatheringretreats.com     You can also read even more here:  http://lifeworkshelp.com/What-to-Know-HSP-Gathering-Retreats.pdf

With anticipation and gratitude,




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2 Responses to 30th and 31st HSP Gathering Retreats – Why NOW is the Time !

  1. Jeff Johnston says:

    Does your organization ever have any scholarships or financial aid. I’m very interested in attending one of your retreats with in the next few years. I’m a disabled veteran on a set income and I don’t think i could afford the regular costs.
    Jeff Johnston

    • Jacquelyn says:

      HI Jeff,
      We don’t have “formal scholarships” however, Campobello Roosevelt International Park – in New Brunswick, CANADA
      is offering us a reduced rate as partial scholarships for those in need. I am also lowering my conference fee by $50 .
      Not sure if this helps or not ? The HSP Gathering Retreats are not really an “organization” – just me and a few volunteers.
      So, it is a LOT of work to make a Gathering happen, and there are a LOT of expenses to cover, the least of which are retreat deposits, travel and lodging expenses for me, the honorarium I pay Elaine Aron for her part, and the list goes on. I WISH I could offer scholarships, however, it is just not financially feasible for me to do so. Thanks for asking….. Jacquelyn

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