A Sensitive Leadership Interview with Ane Axford & Jacquelyn Strickland

I recently enjoyed connecting with Ane Axford once again during our one hour interview which is part of her Sensitive Leadership interview series.

Jacquelyn, Ane Axford, and Jackie Kutner, at the 21st HSP Gathering Retreat, N. Andover, MA, May 2011

We covered so much in this interview, including :

  • the synchronicity of how I met Elaine Aron and how Elaine and I co-founded the HSP Gathering Retreats in 2000;
  • the unique gifts and life lessons the Gatherings have given not only to me but to others as well.
  • the challenges of being a “Sensitive Leader” & my own challenges in facilitating the HSP Gatherings
  • how my own “HSP Inner Sanctuary” has become my greatest ally.

Two sensitive, high sensation seeking extroverts whose senses were exhilarated

We also discussed my research with the sensitive extrovert, and my work with the Myers Briggs with the HSP  Overlay.

For example, did you know the majority of HSPs are INFP, followed by INFJ, then surprising for many — ENFP —  then ISFJ, INTP, INTJ, ESFJ …

  • We discussed the differences between those who identify as an HSP introvert, an HSP extrovert, and those extroverts or introverts who are NOT HSPs. (Note:  the sensitive extrovert does not fit the  “extrovert ideal” category.)Finally I share five tips for thriving as HSPs (derived from Elaine Aron;)  and the necessity for both the HSP extrovert and HSP introvert to take responsibility for creating the kind of healthy relationship they each need and desire, while honoring differences.


Thank you so much Ane …. it was lovely reconnecting with you.

The  Little Book of Sensitive Leadership, by Ane Axford. 

And here is a “special gift” which I strongly encourage you to find time to listen to,  It’s   Ane Axford’s  uniquely  brilliant audio of   ~
The  Little Book of Sensitive Leadership.


Ane has a special gift with words , voice and thought, and I think you will enjoy listening to her work.  Her teachings to “use our sensitivity as a verb” has captured the essence of one  my daily practices , and the motto of the HSP Gathering Retreats which is:

Focus on Needs, Not Approval, and Trust the Process, even if feeling vulnerable or confused, always asking: What is there for me to learn in this moment? And most importantly, “What do I need in this moment?”

You get to practice this motto at the HSP Gathering Retreats

I hope you are finding and practicing your own kind of daily, loving relationship with your highly sensitive self.


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