A Summer (2019) evening series: HSPs and Horses, Wellington, Colorado

Horses can’t talk, but they will speak if you will listen

You are invited to a summer evening experience with
Horses and Highly Sensitive People

Wednesdays, July 10, 17, 24, 2019
7:00 pm – 8:30  pm

Unbridled Farm,
Wellington, Colorado
~ Imagine sunset on an summer’s  evening at Unbridled Farm.  You are with a group of highly sensitive people and a beautiful herd or horses:  Ruby, Sam, Jade, Pedro, Sunny, Yiska and two donkeys Webster and Pokey.  This special time offers us the opportunity to be open to our observations and connections as we learn from the wisdom of our sensitive teachers: the horses.    These unique September evenings to invite us to explore a theme of Knowing and Being Known as HSPs:  Our role in being known; Our role in belonging.

July 10, 2019                   Feel the joy in ‘knowing and being known’
Opening ourselves up to observing and connecting with our authentic HSP selves in relationship to the wisdom received from our teachers, the highly sensitive horses

July 17, 2019                 New Perceptions May Surprise YouCome with a question or dilemma about your role in being known and/or belonging as a highly sensitive person.

July 24, 2019                 Growing, Thriving, and Sharing Our Light as HSPs
Bringing together and uniting all aspects of our inherited HSP traits so that we can continue our important role as teacher and healer.

Pia Jansen, MA holds a Master’s Degree in Child & Family Therapy from the University of Amsterdam.  She is EAGLA Certified 2 advanced clinician.  She works with couples, families, individuals and trauma.

Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC has worked exclusively with HSPs as a therapist, coach and mentor since 2000 and is the co-founder with Dr. Elaine Aron of the HSP Gathering Retreats(Since 2001) .  To date there have been 35 HSP Ghttp://www.lifeworkshelp.comathering Retreats nationally and internationally.  http://www.lifeworkshelp.com/hspgathering.htm

Cost:   Early Registration by June 10th – $210  for all three evenings.
After June 10th cost is $225 for all three evenings.
To register contact Jacquelyn or Pia at:  jacquelyn@hspgatheringretreats.com or
piajansen@ymail.com  .  You will receive further instructions about how to secure your place at these special summer evenings.
Space is limited, register early.

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4 Responses to A Summer (2019) evening series: HSPs and Horses, Wellington, Colorado

  1. Phyll Perry says:

    Are these 3 evenings to be attended in person or online via webinars?

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Hi Phyll,
      Since the horses live here in Colorado 🙂 attending live in person is the only way to join in. So, unfortunately, this means it is
      most likely only for those who live in Colorado … No online nor webinar can be made because we will be out in the field and to make a video
      would be extremely expensive and perhaps intrude upon the confidentiality of those attending. Thanks for asking, sorry it wasn’t clear.

  2. Ellen says:

    Do we have to attend all three? Can we attend only one?

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Hello Ellen,
      Yes, attendance at all three is important because each session follows on the last one, and the group
      dynamics are always more comforting, familiar and deeper (something we HSPs find nourishing) with the same people in attendance.
      I hope you can find a way to join us.

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