Announcing the 2017 HSP Gathering Retreats

Discover the magic of the 
The HSP Gathering Retreats Since 2001

where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts

…  And where we learn through dialogue; journal writing; grounding and nature exercises; the presentations and practice of new tools; having all your questions answered; and special time with Elaine Aron.   We share through  collective wisdom; a sense of belonging; being seen and heard, being validated and celebrated as a highly sensitive person.  Small group discussions, usually during mealtime, can center around work, relationships, health, and any other topic you may desire.

So, it is with,  my usual pride, anticipation and, yes, a bit of anxiety, that I announce the 2017  HSP Gathering Retreats!  

 The 33rd HSP Gathering Retreat – June 1-5, 2017
Santa Barbara, California 

Elaine Aron – graciously receiving a much deserved standing ovation at the premier of Sensitive: The Untold Story, Sept 2015

 Elaine Aron is back from her 6 month sabbatical and will be joining us in person on Sunday, June 4th answering all your questions and sharing about her “Pilgrimage to Nowhere.”   We will be back at the lovely La Casa de Maria, where the 23rd HSP Gathering was held in September of 2011.  (Note: we are asking that you please consider sharing a spacious, 3 bed room, as the number of rooms allotted our group are limited.)
My co-host for this Gathering is Bevin Niemann, founder of the Dallas/Fort Worth HSP Meet Up group,who I first met  at the 28th HSP Gathering in Wimberly, Texas, 2014.  It has been a pleasure to watch Bevin and her DFW HSP community grow. You can find out about her HSP programs here:

The 34th HSP Gathering Retreat – The Netherlands
August 17-21, 2017 –
Late summer will find us at  Samaya Retreat Center, a small conference center in the heart of the Netherlands near Utrecht between Betuwe and Utrecht Ridge.

Barbara Allen-Williams, Jacquelyn & Annet DeZwart – Sweden 2013

Two friends and colleagues:   Barbara Allen-Williams of the National Centre for High Sensitivity   and Annet DeZwart from the Netherlands will be joining me again as co-hosts.  This will be Barbara’s 6th HSP Gathering, and Annet’s 4th … Both will be available to share their expertise and knowledge about the HSP trait throughout our four days together.

A special invitation is being sent to all highly sensitive men … as we will have Tom Falkenstein, an HSP and psychotherapist from Berlin joining us as a guest and a participant.  He will lead a special Conversation Cafe for all the highly sensitive men in attendance and will encourage his small group to report back about the unique challenges facing HSP men.   Tom has two websites:   and   He is also in the processing of writing a book about highly sensitive men.

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History of the HSP Gathering Retreats

A special, spiritual time in Spain?
And …. finally …. for those who might have attended an HSP Gathering Retreat before … or who might enjoy a smaller, more intimate opportunity to spend time with HSPs…there are tentative plans for something very unique and special in a beautiful, rural area about 2.5 hours north of Madrid, Spain.  This will be the last week of August, and be limited to 10-13 HSPs with shared occupancy.   Details will be shared as they evolve.


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