May 13 – deadline for block of rooms at YMCA, Estes Park, Colorado

Self-Care Visual Can you imagine what it’s like to
BE an HSP ~~ (instead of reading about it)
in the delightful company of other HSPs
for four glorious days surrounded by the
majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains
 in Estes Park, Colorado  ? 

May 13  2016 – YMCA of the Rockies has extended the deadline for our room block until May 13 !  After this date, lodging in  Ramshorn, our Central  Lodge may or may not be available, and you will have to reserve whatever rooms may be left during high season at this popular retreat venue.    There are currently 4 rooms left in Ramshorn-Central Lodge and 3 rooms left in the Economy Lodge.  We currently have HSPs joining us from:

Castle Rock
Fort Collins *
San Diego *
Richmond, British Columbia
North Dakota
West Fargo
Chester *
Prince George
Bellingham *
*Repeat participants

Campfire Night 26t HSP Gathering, Enkopking, Sweden

Campfire Night 26t HSP Gathering, Enkopking, Sweden

There is so much joy in being an HSP, yet for many that joy has been elusive.  At an HSP Gathering Retreat, this kind of joy becomes palpable during our four days together as you get the opportunity to: .

  • go through your day asking: “wants my heart’s attention?”
  • share in deep conversations with others who “get” you, and know the joys and challenges of our HSP trait;
  • experiencing self- acceptance and self-compassion as an HSP
  • experience what it is like to speak your truth
  • breathe in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and understand what John Denver mean by “Rocky Mountain High”
  • leave inspired, confident and more determined to create an authentic HSP life that is uniquely you
  • experience a deeper connection with your authentic self … which is often an experience of a more profound connection with Spirit
  • spend time with Elaine Aron via Skype

    Elaine Aron, 24th HSP Gathering Retreat, June 2012

    Elaine Aron, 24th HSP Gathering Retreat, June 2012

Our days will be filled with choices—choices you get to make depending upon “what wants your heart’s attention.”    With each optional activity, you will be invited to

 Focus on Needs, Not Approval –
a foreign concept for many

                Ahhhhhh, what a comforting thought, isn’t it?  For four days, you can choose to ‘focus on what you need.’  We can all come and go as we desire and all participation is optional.  The freedom to identify your needs, and take personal responsibility for them, is a big part of the HSP Gathering Success.

                So, if you find yourself needing a nap, or a walk, or if you find one of the break out sessions not meeting your needs …. p l e a s e ….. feel free to just get up and “find your joy” so to speak.  No one will judge you.  No one will wonder if you are okay – (Okay, maybe, we are HSPs after all.)  We will all just “know” that you are focusing on what you need to do. 

It is really difficult to describe the experience of an HSP Gathering Retreat …. So I will share a few of my favorite comments from HSPs who who have attended before:

There  is an abyss between my life before the  HSP Gathering Retreat and my current self- this is a quantum leap …It is not only the life that became different (as you warned us), but it is me myself who became different…
Liubov Ledomska, Russia
th HSP Gathering, May 2015, Germany

Since the Gathering….I have been filled with so much love, joy and gratitude. I have been able to notice when I get caught in an old patterns….instead of trying “fix” someone else’s suffering …. I noticed what was happening and I remembered one of the mottos at the HSP Gathering “What is there for me to learn in this moment?” And, “What am I needing in this moment?” I think the gathering left a lasting transformative impression, and I am so grateful.
– Christine ~  Vancouver, BC
th HSP Gathering,  Wimberley, Texas May 2014

I’m so grateful to have been part of such a beautiful experience. Words cannot describe the amount of love that was felt those four days ~~ everywhere  ~ even when there was discomfort. I will treasure my time at the Gathering in memories forever as well as my friendship with you.
28th HSP Gathering Retreat, Wimberley, Texas
Carol Icke, San Antonio, Texas

The HSP Gathering Retreat was very intense, in a good way … it was very beautiful to see all the different levels of consciousness and HSP unfoldment among the group. The Nature as Healer & Teacher on the last morning was one of the most intense meditations I’ve ever had. It was like a geyser of love flowing up out of the earth and through me. My experience was beyond my expectation.    Thank you, Jacquelyn .”
– Chris Hinners Cedar Park, TX
th HSP Gathering, Wimberley, Texas May 2014

“What a blessing to take a deep breath and remember the wonderful 28th HSP Gathering Retreat! I remember after 9-1-1- thinking that I would never be the same.   I feel the same way now, after my first HSP Gathering. .  It truly was an a-ha moment in my life and I am looking at my world in a different way after the gathering! I know I will never be the same.  ~Lauri R. ~ Arlington, TX

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for the work you do showing us how to empower ourselves as HSPs. All the love you put into doing this, it’s amazing.  I brought lots of new useful knowledge about the HSP trait back from the gathering. I find it challenging, scary and at the same time exciting to take steps towards finding the authentic me and being more congruent. I guess it’s a lifelong process for most HSPs and every little baby-step in this direction is a huge step for me. I am so glad that I have met you and my other dear fellow sensitive relatives at the gathering in Enkoping. I experienced so much love and understanding in the group. Now I have a HSP family where I am accepted for being me – without being laughed at or making fun of. A big relief”   Åhrman, Lund, Sweden  May 2013

“It seems a bit unreal – the magical time we all had together. And being out there in sometimes unfriendly environments now feels less threatening – because I know there are many of us. The energy at the Sweden Gathering was wonderful and very healing. We must try to keep it in our hearts when being out in the world. I can still feel the magic. Wish we could have canned it so that we could keep it with us every day of our lives.”  Chrissie Evling, Gothenburg, Sweden ~ May 2013

“I do know that this HSP gathering has really made a deep impact and lasting change in my life. I have gained such strength which I will call upon when I’m having a hard time… Just feeling the connection–with other HSPs around Europe and around the world. Feeling Safe. So Thank You Jacquelyn for making such effort and providing this life altering opportunity for so many HSPs around the world. You are a gift .”
Eva Mahrén, Stockholm, Sweden ~ May 2013

“The ripples of and from the gathering keep spreading further and deeper. My world has changed since the gathering and I will never be the same. Life is getting very interesting!” 
N.B. Seaside, Calif.   Walker Creek Ranch, June 2006

“I keep remembering the magical gathering. I loved the moonlight walk; Nick’s concert, conversations at meal time.  I feel love here which makes feel love for myself and who I am. I gathered enthusiasm, support and heart-felt connections. This gathering was wonderful.” Marge T., Oakland, CA ~ Walker Creek Ranch, June 2007

IMG_3021I have been to at least 7 of these Gatherings and they have all been wonderful… All that really comes to me at this moment is a simple, but profound, thank you. Thank you for giving us these life-affirming gatherings, and a venue to both reinforce our existing paths and to change our perspectives. What more could I receive? Reciprocity, kinship, fellowship, acceptance, safety, openness, authenticity – it was all there.”
Peter Messerschmidt,

There IS room for us all

There IS room for us all

So, if you have been thinking of attending a HSP Gathering Retreat, 2016 may be the time to do so !   I never really know for sure “what wants my heart’s attention” yet I am committed to listening and following accordingly.   So, will there be a HSP Gathering in 2017?   Guess my heart will know sooner or later.

Registration information here:

IMG_2414with love and gratitude,










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