Fall 2018 – East Coast in Phoenicia, New York – the 35th HSP Gathering Retreat

Menla Mountain Retreat, where the 15th HSP Gathering Retreat was held in Oct 2008. We’re happy to be back here for the 35th HSP Gathering Retreat.

The theme for the 2018 HSP Gathering Retreats is:
Knowing and Being Known  as a 
Highly Sensitive Person.

Sharing a variety of tools and processes we will explore this theme, encouraging a focus on your unique way of showing up as highly sensitive person as well as the unique challenges encountered as we each forge our own path toward integration and wholeness.

Elaine Aron will join us Wednesday, Oct 3rd via Skype speaking about “The Shadow Side of Belonging” 

35th HSP Gathering Retreat
Phoenicia, New York
September 30 – October 4, 2018 (Sunday, 3:00 pm through Thursday lunch)

Menla Mountain Retreat Center
Phoenicia, New York
Register here: http://lifeworkshelp.com/register/2018/NewYork/index.html


The Sanctuary Room

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