From Misery to Magic – A free international Web Interview Series

The HSP International Movement is indeed alive and well.  

Mauritius IslandImagine my surprise to be contacted by a lovely HSP named Charlotte Common who is from the U.S. but now resides on  Mauritius Island ~  an island nation ( French: République de Maurice)  in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) off the southeast coast of the African continent !

Charlotte Common is a visionary, an ordained minister and author. She has travelled the world and mingled with a variety of cultures.  Her curiosity about the evolution of humanity, especially the aspect of unleashing potential by living our truth, inspired her to create a FREE TeleSummit called From Misery to Magic.  I am honored to be one of sixteen “experts” (~I’ve never liked that word~) sharing our sage wisdom about this journey.   My specific interview is on April 11 — and will be available for free for 48 hours from it’s release date.  So sorry for the late notice …

From Misery to Magic , a free interview series
Check out my interview on April 11 ~~ available for free for only 48 hours
Note:  My interview will be available until 8 am EST April 14
Go her: 

Here’s how Charlotte introduced my interview
In this interview Jacquelyn explores the various stages of a journey from misery to magic. Self-love, developing a sense of belonging, the importance of healing unconscious wounds, becoming aware of imprisoning rather than liberating ideals all play a part in uncovering the Authentic Self. Jacquelyn is a firm believer in creating and enjoying a peaceful inner sanctuary, where wisdom and guidance can be found. This informative interview is like a torch shining a light on to the unfamiliar and at times foggy terrain of change in the divine process of excavating hidden treasures within






From Misery to Magic
Love gone wrong.
How to turn the dry acre of a limited life into a lush, abundant paradise of the soul.

If you at times feel frustrated, stuck or have dreams of a wonderful future and would like to explore them, then this free online summit is for you.

Through this online interview series Charlotte and a number of experts are going to wet the appetite of the audience for truthful living by embracing self-love, and by developing a hunger for fulfilling unique, divine and therefore magical potential in all areas of life.

‘Dare to dream dreams and set your soul free.’ Charlotte Common

Together we illuminate the world.

Enjoy these soulful interviews.
Sign up here:


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  2. Ellen says:

    I went to the From Misery to Magic sites D signed up but didn’t get a link to access your talk.

  3. leslie says:

    Hi Jacquelyn,
    The link doesn’t work. It just sends you to a blank page.


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