Report from Gabriola Island HSP Gathering June 2010

Grace, Jacquelyn & Erika

The Gabriola Island Gathering held June 11 – 15, 2010 was wonderful! It was great to see so many HSPs returning for their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th HSP Gatherings!  Special thanks go to my co-host, Grace Kerina of Gabriola Island, BC, and to my co-presenter, Erika Harris of Chicago.  Check out their websites:
Grace at and
Erika at

HSP Gatherers in British Columbia

Hear what Susana Michaelis had to say about attending her second HSP Gathering.  If you are wondering WHY she is so happy, it is, in part, because she (and all of us at the HSP Gathering) received The Five A’s (from Dr. David Richo) that all relationships need to thrive – Attention, Affection, Appreciation, Acceptance and Allowing !  I’m sure she will take this back to her environment and let her light shine !  Thank you Susanna !

(Part I and Part II is only about 3 minutes total.)


More from Susana about what the Gatherings mean to her:


The Gabriola Island Gathering was truly magical. Here is a sampling of what other attendees had to say about the event:

  • My expectations in attending were met in many choice and unexpected twinkling memorable moments.  I was amazed at how HSPs can immediately touch one another in safe, lasting tidbit moments; interactions, chats, hugs, cries, lights (and boy were there many!)   I now know I will, I will get better and return to my old unhurting self!
  • The love and caring from the group and facilitators was so inspiring.  The amount of personal interaction that Jacquelyn, Erika & Grace had with us was very special.  I loved that you joined us at meals and events in the free time.
  • I learned how much I let the non-HSP world dominate too much of my time, energy and damp down my HSP nature.  I will refocus my energy on myself and my own needs so that I can be more influential for positive change in the world.
  • I loved it when Erika spoke from the heart and electrified the room!
  • The HSP Gathering is a place that I feel the most support, in a safe, non-judgmental environment.  There are no right/wrong ways of being.  I am encouraged to just be myself.  What a relief and sense of freedom!
  • I liked the open acceptance by others and the “needs before approval” directive.  I now know it can be safe to show my “soft” side and also how to better protect myself from others that could harm it.
  • What a wonderful time of harmony, education and love.  Thanks especially to Jacquelyn, Erika and Grace who really made us all feel a part of this celebration of our gifts and coached us on how to thrive in a non-HSP world!
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  1. Erika Harris says:

    Jacquelyn, I love the new format! So beautiful. And I’m inspired by all the technology-leaps you’ve made. Makes me wanna take a few leaps of my own 🙂 Thank you for all the lingering gifts from our precious time on Gabriola Island.


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