Global Cooperative for Sensitive Leaders : A new Facebook group

The Global Cooperative for Sensitive Leaders was founded last Fall by a friend and colleague, Bevin Niemann of Sensitive Journey ( and the Dallas/Ft. Worth HSP Meet Up group.    Bevin has attended two HSP Gathering Retreats, and was one my co-hosts, at the 33rd HSP Gathering Retreat in Santa Barbara, California in June of 2017.   It was there she shared her vision for connecting HSPs across the globe …

The 33rd HSP Gathering Retreat, Santa Barbara, June 2017

You can find the Global Cooperative for Sensitive Leaders Facebook site here:
and view their  infographic here:

Bevin defines a sensitive leader as someone who is a  role model for healthy and empowered sensitivity, and is in service to other sensitive people by actively spreading awareness about the trait of sensory processing sensitivity (SPS). 

She has created a  safe and respectful space, where HSPs can  honor  commonalities and diversity  as sensitive people.   Members are expected  to role model positive communication, effective conflict solving skills, open-mindedness and a willingness to grow and learn beyond what you currently know or understand.

If you life’s work (i.e. defined as a “Calling” by Dr. Barrie Jaeger, in Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person,) involves one of these areas, you will definitely want to join the Global Cooperative for Sensitive Leadership.

• HSP Research
• Therapy for HSPs
• Coaching for HSPs
• Leading a HSP community (live or virtual)
• Sensitivity in Education (preschool through university)
• Sensitive Creative (writers, actors, artists, designers, musicians)
• Spirituality, Health, Holistic for HSPs
• Sensitivity in Business and Technology

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