Horses & So Much More @ the 32nd HSP Gathering Retreat

The 32nd HSP Gathering Retreat
The Sundance Center, Fennville, Michigan

September 22- 26, 2016
with Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC and co-host Ulla Frederiksen, LLP
Register here:

B J ; Clara, Gus, Jericho, Juniper, Maya & Sydney - the horses we will spend time with at the 32nd HSP Gathering Retreat

B J ; Clara, Gus, Jericho, Juniper, Maya & Sydney – the horses we will spend time with at the 32nd HSP Gathering Retreat

and special guests:   BJ; Clara, Gus, Maya, Jericho, Juniper & Sydney
of The Sundance Center (

Why horses?
Horses are highly sensitive.

They rely on their sensitivities for survival, communication, and self-care.  Interacting with them afford us the opportunity to examine our conscious and subconscious behaviors, patterns and communication style. Their nonverbal language provides instant, nonjudgmental feedback that gives us an opportunity to explore the self, our social skills, problem solving, communication, and self-care.

What is EAGALA?
EAGALA  ~ Equine Assisted Growth & Learning is an experiential model with horses designed to provide valuable insight about yourself and finding solutions for existing challenges.  This part of the HSP Gathering Retreat is facilitated by my co-host , Ulla Frederiksen, a national and international trainer for EAGALA.  Besides the horses, the rest of the certified team will consist of myself, representing the mental health professional,  a trained horse professional who is familiar and knows how to interpret the behavior of the horses.   The purpose of this team is to:  hold space for a safe and non-judgmental experience; to introduce activities and lead the dialogue, while allowing participants to find their own honest and natural solutions.

 Here are just a few things we can expect:

  • Experience how the natural and immediate feedback from the horses  help us gain clarity, new meaning and insights into old stories or unhelpful patterns.
  • Experience how all our HSP senses can come alive!
  • Learn how we innately feel and experience things , and how how horses help validate what we sense and feel in the moment
  • Experience how to develop a “nature-centered consciousness” and allow it to serve as a guide to a deeper connection with our own wisdom

And did you know that other equine assisted programs cost upwards of $300 PER day ….to experience the magic of their subtle metaphorically wisdom?     The entire 4 day HSP Gathering Retreat experience + a full day with BJ, Clara, Gus, Maya, Jericho, Juniper, Sydney – costs just $365 !!   (Lodging & Meals not included.)   After August 22 the cost goes up so register soon here: 

So, this really is an extraordinary opportunity that I am so grateful to pass on to you.  Sharing a room makes the lodging/meals even more affordable.    Or if you live near Fennville, Michigan you can attend as a commuter.

Finally, here is lovely video from co-host Ulla Frederiksen:
How Horses Heal:  Stories from the Field 

Of course, there will be other teachings at the 32nd HSP Gathering Retreat including:

A very friendly horse that seemed to love being my friend. February 2015.

A very friendly horse that seemed to love being my friend. February 2015.

Integrated Wholeness of the Heart with Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC, HSP
A Body, Mind, Spirit Approach to our HSP Depth of Processing

“…Authenticity demands Whole Hearted Living and loving even when it’s hard…
When we deny our stories, they define us.  When we run from struggle, we are never free.
…We own our stories so we don’t spend our lives being defined by them.    And while the journey is long and difficult at times, it is the path to living a more whole-hearted life…”
~  Brene Brown

It was in 2006 when I first started creating my own HSP model called “wholesome reunion of the heart.”   It was in 2009 when reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, that I realized this HSP model  incorporates many tools, principles, and philosophies that help us to live the whole-hearted life Brene Brown’s work teaches us.   So I look forward to sharing with you:

  •  five stages of processing which help us come to “wholesome reunion of the heart”
  •   how to recognize and stop rumination before  emotional turmoil engulfs us
  •  how to keep from latching onto a negative pattern of spiraling downward
  •  five ways your intuitive guidance can show up in your life and how you can best use it for support, validation and moving forward 
  • Understand, practice and integrate this new tool into your “HSP Owner’s Manual”

The Conversation Café Discussion Model – a staple at all HSP Gatherings 

A beautiful spot for a Conversation Cafe

A beautiful spot for a Conversation Cafe

We all know HSPs enjoy and gain energy from deep, meaningful and authentic conversations. However, we also know that sometimes it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find these types of conversations to engage in – or worse, that we seem to be only ones wanting to explore the deeper meaning of life’s sometimes perplexing questions.

Conversation Cafes offer you the opportunity to: 

  • Learn how to create meaningful dialogue about topics of importance to HSPs to use with your friends, family or in your HSP Meet Up groups
  • Learn to apply an empowerment model which can serve to identify unmet needs and create or energize action toward common goals
  • Gain energy, wisdom and clarity from deep, meaningful, and authentic dialogue with othersThe “magic” that happens at each HSP Gathering is expressed through the unique energy of the participants who attend.   Each one, since 2001, has been different than the last.

I look forward to sharing the magic of another HSP Gathering Retreat with you.


P.S.   And YES — the 33rd HSP Gathering Retreat will be June 1-4, 2017 — back at the lovely La Casa de Maria in Santa  Barbara, California … with Elaine Aron joining us in person.  Yay !    Details to follow ….




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2 Responses to Horses & So Much More @ the 32nd HSP Gathering Retreat

  1. Judy Bashor says:

    Oh thank you for this post, and all the information! 1 question: will there be horses in June at La Casa de Maria next year?

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Hi Judy …. No….there will not be horses at the 33rd HSP Gathering Retreat …..
      This is a one-time opportunity for the 32nd HSP Gathering in Michigan. Hope to see you
      in September, or maybe in June next year ?

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