HSP Colorado Weekend Retreat – March 24 & 25 2018

The lovely house where our Colorado HSP Weekend will be held.

Dear HSPs:   Thank you for your interest in the (first) HSP Colorado Weekend  Retreat.    Unfortunately, this retreat is now sold out.    Please stay tuned for future similar events. 

The first HSP Colorado Weekend Retreat will be held in Ft. Collins, Colorado March 24 and 25, 2015.  You can join us for one or both days.  You can register here:  http://lifeworkshelp.com/register/2018/Colorado/index.html
I’m delighted to have friend and colleague,   Barbara Allen-Williams , of the National Centre for High Sensitivity in the UK  (http://www.hspsensitive.com/ join me in facilitating this somewhat experiential weekend.  It will be experiential in that our agenda will be guided by the experiences, questions or concerns of the participants.

We currently have participants registered from Hawaii, California, Colorado, and Canada !  There is still space available, however space is limited and is filling up quickly.
Note:  There are no more lodging spaces left in the house where our  HSP Colorado Weekend Retreat will be held.

And did you know National Geographic recently voted  Ft. Collins, Colorado as the 4th  “happiest” places to live in the United States?  I’m not sure I would necessarily agree with that perception, however, it is a great place to live and work.  So, if you are interested in checking out Northern Colorado and meeting new highly sensitive people, this is a weekend you don’t want to miss.  https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/destinations/north-america/united-states/happiest-cities-united-states-2017/

Here are the descriptions of the HSP Colorado Weekend Retreat

Jacquelyn & Barbara at the 30th HSP Gathering Retreat, British Columbia, August 2015

Saturday March 24th, 2018

Discovering, Understanding and Integrating Your HSP Trait 

This will be a day for those fairly new to the genetic trait of high sensitivity or those wishing to build on their knowledge.  We will explore various aspects of our HSP trait, look at facts, dispel myths, answer questions and importantly, look at what it means to live an authentic HSP life.  Through group discussion and shared experiences, topics may include the joys and possible repercussions of showing up and being seen as an HSP, relating with friends, family or partners and speaking our truth s as HSPs.  This is not a therapy day, but you may find it has therapeutic or poignant moments.

Each HSP will be at a different place along the path towards thriving and enjoying a sensitive life.  You will learn from others’ experiences, as well as gaining insights and guidance from Barbara and Jacquelyn.  If there is interest, we will view the 1-hour documentary, ‘Sensitive: The Untold Story.’

Sunday March 25th, 2018 
Nurturing the Numinous In You – Mentoring and Support Day 

This is a support day for those who are, or are aiming to be HSP role-models and who already have a strong interest (or responsibility) in the development of highly sensitive people.  If you have known about the trait of high sensitivity for some time, have read about it, and are on a conscious path to authentic HSP living, then this day is about you.

The numinous space is  when  one becomes connected to ‘something’ greater than oneself.  HSPs often self-create those spaces as part of who they are, but as they mature, they also create and maintain those spaces for others, pointing the way for them to experience numinosity.  In order to do this, a deep level of self-care, wisdom and support is required.  This workshop helps you to look at your self-care and support, your vocation, your personal impact on others in both practical and numinous ways.  Bring your personal self to this workshop and not your ‘role’ – looking after the one, will take care of the other.

Cost:   $110 per day, includes lunch, coffee, tea
Lodging Options:   See info on registration form (link below)
Register here:  http://lifeworkshelp.com/register/2018/Colorado/index.html

The lovely house where our Colorado HSP Weekend will be held.


Dean Lake, Ft. Collins, Colorado …right across the street from our Colorado HSP Weekend Retreat

King, ensuite available for 2 nights ,with only 3 other possible house guests in separate rooms

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