HSP Gathering Presenters

“HSPs and the Undervalued Self” with Dr. Elaine Aron, www.hsperson.com

“When I wrote The Undervalued Self, I always had us mind. The undervalued self is a ‘self-state’ or sense of one’s self in a specific type of situation, and I think HSPs are in that state often. It makes us inaccurate about our rank (power) relative to others and also assume situations are about ranking when they may not be. So we need to talk about this together.” – Elaine Aron
Her presentation will explain and answer questions about:

Linking and ranking (something like love and power)
How these relate to chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and shyness
Why we undervalue ourselves and what to do about it
The innate shame reaction
The six self-protections we all use to escape shame and what to do instead

The Highly Sensitive Male, with Dr. Ted Zeff, www.drtedzeff.com

Ted’s new book The Highly Sensitive Boy: helping your son grow into a strong, confident and emotionally healthy man is available at bookstores now.

In this session Ted will discuss the results of his research about highly sensitive males based on in depth interviews with thirty HSM (highly sensitive men) from five countries. Based on his research he will present techniques to help the sensitive male such as how to help raise the sensitive boy’s self-esteem; offers advice to parents on special considerations for raising sensitive boys; and the sensitive boy in school, making friends and playing sports. In addition, Ted will offer  ideas to help the sensitive male at work and in relationships.

“Building Foundations and Protections for Authentic, Healthy Relationships: with Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC, www.lifeworkshelp.com

Research shows four challenges face all relationships: Individuality and Belonging; Conflict; Power; & Intimacy. Besides these developmental milestones you will learn The Five A’s from Dr. David Richo — what all relationships – including the one with yourself – need in order to truly thrive.

Sign up for her ezine, HSP Highlights & Insights by clicking here.

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