HSP Highlights & Insights – Spring 2015

IMG_2414Spring greetings dear HSPs,

I do hope Spring is finding its way to you, in the lightest and happiest kind of  way – your HSP way.   For many, it has been a long, cold and seemingly unending Winter.   Personally, I’ve been in a hibernating mode since about December, which is one reason the last issue of my HSP Highlights & Insights was published back in September 2014.   So, just as new buds on the trees are beginning to sprout,  new ideas are waiting to be born, and new experiences are waiting to be had.  I am grateful.cropped-Light-shine.jpg

Here are the HSP Highlights  being manifested this year:

A Place of Comfort, Solace and Quiet (spiritual for some) is a  key ingredients of  HSP Self Care !

A Place of Comfort, Solace and Quiet (spiritual for some) is a key ingredients of HSP Self Care !

  “The Spiritual Journey to Empowerment for the Highly Sensitive Person is the theme of the 2015  HSP Gathering Retreats.   Elaine Aron joins us in person in Germany, and via teleconference in Vancouver, BC and New Brunswick, Canada.   Updates here.

   Your Frequently Asked Questions ~ Answered:  What Is (SPS) ~  Sensory Processing Sensitivity ?   What is  (SPD) ~ Sensitivity Processing (Integration) Disorder?  Go here. 

Sensitive: The Untold Story  ~We are all waiting for the documentary now scheduled to be released sometime in June.   It was an honor to be interviewed by Will Harper and Elaine last September in San Francisco.   Will Harper and Diana Sinelnikova the Directors, have accumulated hundreds of hours of video.  Reducing it to only one hour will be a challenging task !   The documentary is now scheduled to be released in June.  I’m sure Elaine will announce this in her (blog) newsletter, The Comfort Zone.  www.hsperson.com – and I will announce it here as well !  I can just imagine viewing  parties happening all around the world !  Link here.

Elaine Aron in Europe !
The 29th HSP Gathering Retreat in Germany
with Elaine in person on Sunday 10 May 2015 !


Ted Zeff’s new book:   ” The Power of Sensitivity: Success Stories by Highly Sensitive People Thriving in a Non-sensitive World.”  Link here. 

 Life is Beautiful.  Life is Difficult.
Go here. 

As an HSP I am often reminded of just how beautiful life can be, whether watching a sunset, sitting in silent meditation, walking in nature, sharing deeply with another HSP friend,  or  simply watching my new 6 month old granddaughter do just about anything.  Yet, there are many HSPs struggling with Grief and Loss, and it will be devastating.

As always, it is nice to connect with you, dear HSPs, from around the world.
Our time has come.  Our time is now.   
with you on this journey,
with you in this HSP international movement !!




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