HSP Highlights & Insights: Summer 2020

Dear HSPs,

Yes, it’s true.  The last time I published a newsletter was in the Fall of 2019.   I have been purposefully staying “in” – probably way too much – because quite frankly the world has seemed just too much for me to handle.   I’ve appreciated the covid quarantine, which in a way, sanctioned my inner, staying at home way of life.

Normally, I have a rich, complex inner life that can keep me entertained, comforted, and emotionally balanced.  However, like many of you, I have been struggling.  Struggling with grief, sadness, outrage, uncertainty, confusion, and a lack of congruence and inner harmony.    And, in all honesty, these feelings have been accumulating since the Fall of 2016.

In January, before covid, my lovely hairdresser celebrated her twentieth year in business – owning her own salon.  She hired a band, provided food and drink, and invited more than 75 people to attend.  I had a wonderful time there, dancing with my husband, and then sitting off to the side, quietly observing the party-goers.  It was there I realized, it was also the twentieth year since the HSP Gathering Retreats were co-founded, rather accidentally,  in 2000 during a phone call, between myself and Dr. Elaine Aron.   During the loud noise of my hairdresser’s celebration, I silently asked myself:  “So what are you going to do to celebrate?”  I was saddened to hear my answer:  “nothing.”

Since that night, it has slowly dawned on me that it is not okay for me to let this special 20th  year anniversary of the HSP Gathering Retreats go unnoticed.   I give special gratitude to Tama Kieves,  ~~ https://www.tamakieves.com/ ~~ a new mentor of mine, for the incredible gifts of inspiration validation, encouragement, and support she offers through her books, her Life Tribe, and her teachings of A Course in Miracles.  It is partly because of her that I am moving forward with my online, virtual 20 Year Celebration of the HSP Gathering Retreats!!  Yay Tama!  Yay me!

The 26th HSP Gathering, Enkoping, Sweden May 2013

Mark Your Calendars:
June 26, 2020 – 6:30 pm Mountain time – for all U.S. and North America HSPs
June 28, 2020 – 9:30 am Mountain time – for all European HSPs (early evening for most of you)

Please note:   These two dates are only for HSPs who have attended a past HSP Gathering Retreat …. (for those who have not attended a past gathering, there will be another opportunity for you to join in a similar experience in July.   I will be confirming these dates soon. **

Read more and register here:

Please take a look here,  http://lifeworkshelp.com/Retreat_History.pdf to identify which gathering, and which year you attended so that you can share this during our online Zoom call.  If you are in the U.S. or North America, we will be meeting and celebrg on Friday evening, June 26 at 6:30 pm (Mountain.)  If you are in a European country, we will be meeting and celebrating on Sunday, June 28 at 9:30 am (Mountain) which is early evening for most in Europe.   I can’t wait to reconnect with many of you !!!   I have missed you and the special co-created energies we’ve shared at many of the past HSP Gathering Retreats.

** If you have not yet been able to attend an HSP Gathering Retreat, please do not feel left out.  Twice each month, starting in July, I will be offering a unique way for us to connect, and share in deep reflections.  More on this will be forthcoming.

Meditation of Hope and Love
Also, in this newsletter, you will find, once again, my Meditation of Hope and Love – a mediation that came to me back in 2001.


For years, and especially now, this meditation has helped me with my own emotional regulation, and is it now helping me with feelings of grief, angst, outrage and sadness.   I hope you can find comfort in it too.

Finally, “On My Nightstand” shares the books I am enjoying reading.

Untamed, by Glennon Doyle:  A book about the joy and peace we discover when we stop striving to meet the expectations of the world, and start trusting the voice deep within us.”  (And…it is about so much more …too.)

The Highly Sensitive Parent, by Elaine Aron, Ph.D. :  Another excellent resource from the brilliant Elaine Aron.  This is her sixth book, and I have All of them take up a special place on my bookshelves.

Why Bother, by Jennifer Louden:  I met Jenn Louden on a retreat in Taos, New Mexico and find her work delightful.  This book challenges you to “open your mind, heart, and life by following where your questions lead.”  (and so much more.)

Thriving Through Uncertainty, by Tama Kieves:  Most of Tama’s work comes from her love, knowledge,  and teaching  of A Course in Miracles.  Anything Tama writes is inspiring and worth your time.

NeuroDharma, New Science, Ancient Wisdom and Seven Practices
of the Highest Happiness
, by Rick Hanson, Ph.D. :  Rich Hanson is the author of the best selling, Buddha’s Brain.  He also teaches us to  ~ stop  ~ to  break away from our “negativity biases” to notice,  take in, and relish,  the more meaningful and positive aspects of life, however small.
P.S.  I call these meaning moments in time:  “HSP Interludes of Happiness.”

I would love to “see’ you on one of the celebration calls, and/or at a future HSP Gathering Retreat, or a special HSP Colorado Weekend Retreat with my dear friend and colleague, Barbara Allen.  Both of these special events have been temporarily on hold … waiting out this unprecedented time in our history.

with you on the journey,


P.S.  Other things to know about:
Check out the FB page:  Elaine Aron & High Sensitivity. It is moderated members of the ICHS – International Consultants on High Sensitivity.  The ICHS is explained at the site.  You will need to briefly answer three questions to become a member.

2)  An opportunity to learn from Drs. Elaine and Art Aron and Michael Pluess, Ph.D., researchers on Sensory Processing Sensitivity.  It is a course called:  The Highly Sensitive Person in Psychotherapy.   July 25, 2020 .https://www.confer.uk.com/event/sensitive.html

Sensitive Lovers: a deeper look into their relationships. Now available for purchase. Enjoy the movie and check out our original documentary sensitive-The Untold Story, featuring Alanis Morissette, and the recently released drama Sensitive and in Love.
Check out the FB page:  Sensitive ~~  https://www.facebook.com/sensitivethemovie/

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    Sorry I can’t send you an email asking you to do this – that’s the trouble I’m having with Hotmail.


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