HSP Interludes of Happiness and Joy

 HSP Interludes of Happiness

An “HSP Interlude of Happiness” moment on Leisure Saturday at the recent 34th HSP Gathering Retreat, in Santa Barbara, June 1-5, 2017.

What is an HSP Interlude of Happiness? And can we “hard wire” these experiences into our brain?  Neuroscience says Yes!

What is an HSP Interlude of Happiness?
Here’s my definition: 

HSP Interludes of Happiness & Joy
A unique moment in time when all your senses are delightfully engaged in what seems to be a symphony of emotional and spiritual well-being.  This may be a moment alone or a moment which shared with others.

For many HSPs, these moments of happiness and joy can come from the simple things in life.   A sunset, a day or long walk in nature; a good conversation with a friend; a simple meal, lovingly prepared.     Whatever it is, Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Hardwired for Happiness, invites us to seek out these moments; absorb and savor them.   Laurel Parnell, Ph.D., author of Tapping In, invites us to “tap” in these moments .  Why?   Because by taking a moment to savor the experiences and in turn, “tap them in” creates new neuro networks in the brain, allowing us to more easily access the positives in our lives instead of focusing on the negative.

Tapping In by Laurel Parnell, Ph.D.

Tapping In by Laurel Parnell, Ph.D.

According to Hanson, our brains have been historically hard wired to remember the negative experiences in life.    Think back to a time when you may have received 20 positive feedback comments, and only one negative.   What do we focus on ?  Yes – usually the negative.    So this summer, I have made it a point to savor positive experiences, as shared below.

I love summer in Colorado.   There is no humidity, the temperature is around 90 degrees, and there are very little, if any insects, to worry about.  I’m writing this to you from a hammock hanging between two trees in the forest.
It is July 5th 2014.

The sun is peaking through the clouds, amidst very large, yet sparse rain drops.  All my senses are engaged in the most pleasant of ways!  Greenery surrounds me as the cool breeze caresses my hair and creates a shimmering effect as the tall grasses respond gently by swaying back and forth.  I’m in HSP Heaven.  Outdoors.  In Nature.

I am “tapping in” these precious moments.

"Tapping In" positive experiences ...

“Tapping In” positive experiences …

And just how do you “tap in” these special moments?     It’s really quite simple.  Just cross your arms across your chest and tap with your fingertips:  left, right, left right.   Bring your awareness to the image of beauty or calm before you.   Allow yourself to feel or sense all the wonderful feelings that accompany this experience.    That’s it ….

Another thing to be aware of, savor and absorb are what I have come to call HSP Moments of Gratitude & Clarity.

 HSP Moments of Gratitude and Clarity ” 
An awareness of your unique place in the world; your unique gifts and blessings, both experienced without a longing for “more.” This is often referred to as
“It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Rick HansonI was thrilled to meet Dr. Rick Hanson, author of Hardwired for Happiness, Buddha’s Brain, and Just One Thing in August (2014) at a four day spiritual festival called Wake Up Festival in Estes Park, Colorado.   Although I didn’t ask him, I’m almost certain he is an HSP !      You can find out more about this exciting work here:

ow to turn “passing, happy experiences into lasting useful structure inside our brains.
By:  Rick Hanson, Ph.D.  Neuropsychologist and Author of Hardwired for Happiness & Buddha’s Brain

I hope you find this helpful and as exciting as I have …. Oh, and feel free to share your own unique “HSP Interlude of Happiness” or your own “HSP Moment of Gratitude and Clarity” in the comment section below…





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  1. Cathy says:

    I find interludes of happiness sitting on my patio. It is quiet. Birds are chirping and flying around. Squirrels are chasing each other. Sometimes there are dragonflies. My flowers are blooming and vegetables are growing. It is so peaceful to me.

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