HSP Research (audio) with Dr. Elaine Aron, Empowering the HSP (video)with Jacquelyn Strickland

Elaine Aron at the September 2015 live-stream event of the first documentary: Sensitive the Untold Story

RESEARCH ON SPS – Sensory Processing Sensitivity
If you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with the research behind our HSP trait, please do find time to listen to this 2 hour audio recording of Dr. Elaine Aron when she visited New Zealand back in 2013.   Although five years old, the information is still quite relevant and important to know.


Other things this audio includes:

  • the history of her first, now famous book- The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You
  • Sentiments about ‘immigrant cultures” being especially difficult for HSP men;
  • DO.E.S. ~ 1) Depth of Processing; 2) Overstimulation 3) Emotional Intensity; Responsiveness; Empathy; 4) Sensory Sensitivity
  • Five Things HSPs Need;
  • History of the HSP Scale;
  • The advantages of being highly sensitive; Vantage Sensitivity (Pluess &Plesky)
  • Research studies with at risk HSPs; research on Sensitivity to Environment; Serotonin;
  • Results of MRI & FMRI imaging of the HSP brain ; mirror neurons & empathy; serotonin & the allele gene;
  • The Highly Sensitive Child – a description; what works; what doesn’t work from a panel of HSP parents and professionals. Be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear the poem by a sensitive 10 year old boy.******
    Empowering the Highly Sensitive Person
    I was honored to be interviewed by Ashley Stamatinos of The Rewire Show in August 2018.  This video has been viewed over 3,000 times !  Wow…this makes me feel so exposed … and of course, my inner critic was busy critiquing the way I showed up on “film.”  Luckily, I have tools to quiet that voice (most of the time anyway.)


And here is the interview Ashley did with Dr. Ted Zeff in April of 2018.

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