It’s a celebration ! The HSP Gathering Retreats are Twenty Years Old !

This is a 1999 newspaper article advertising my very first HSP Group(s) based on a social work model of Research, Service, Advocacy.

The HSP Gathering Retreats are 
20 years old   🙂  
I’m celebrating with a virtual, online celebration of the twentieth year since founding the HSP Gathering Retreats with Dr. Elaine Aron back in 2000!!

Invitation for all past HSP Gathering Retreat participants
If you have attended any of the past 36 HSP Gathering Retreats ~ you are invited.

There will be two, separate online, virtual celebrations
via the Zoom platform, each lasting about 60-70 minutes:
U.S. and North America
European HSPs
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

U.S., North America:
Friday evening, June 26, 2020 ; 06:30 PM Mountain Time (US and North America)
Register in advance for this meeting:

 for European HSP Gatherers 
Sunday, June 28, 2020   ~~  9:30  am (Mountain time  ~   late afternoon, early evening for most European time zones)

Register in advance for this meeting:

You can check your time zone here:
Note:  Denver, Colorado is Mountain time.

If you have not used the Zoom platform before, I think you’re going to really like it.  You will need to download a free Zoom account before our first online meeting.   You can do that here: or if you are in Europe you can go here:

How we’ll spend our time together — 
We will take time to greet and connect with each other in small “breakout rooms” via the Zoom platform.  Back in our large group we will learn and practice a writing practice called “Free Writing” that I have personally found to be helpful in voicing thoughts, feelings, needs, perspectives that are often hidden away in our unconscious minds.
I strongly feel it is past time for we HSPs to find our voice, share it, and show up to be seen and heard!   I am honored to offer you this opportunity through Free Writing.

The writing prompts during our Free Write time,will offer an opportunity for deep reflection and sharing.  For this celebratory event, the topic will be “The Power of Love and Showing Up.”  You can choose from  writing prompts, such as:

“Since my HSP Gathering Retreat experience, I have ……”
“One thing that is working well for me right now is….”
“What I really want to say as a highly sensitive person is…
“One way I might minimize myself or my work in the world is ….”

“What makes me feel alive and grateful is….”
“One way I can share more love, for myself or the world is …”

You will be invited to share your “free write” with one or two others during our time together in our second breakout room.  As with all HSP Gathering Retreats, we will give ourselves permission to “Focus On Needs, Not Approval,” so you will decide how much and if you will share, or just observe.

Life is full of paradox. Can we hold “both / and ” as true?

The paradox of celebration, grief, loss, sadness, outrage, and uncertainty:  Can we hold these opposite tensions in the same present moment?  

I will be the first to admit it seems a bit odd to be hosting a celebration, given the turmoil, uncertainty, grief, loss, anger, confusion, and outrage surfacing throughout the world and within our hearts, mind and soul.  No one has been immune from rapidly changing conditions, events, emotions and/or reactions on an almost daily basis.  In fact, emotional regulation and finding my own optimal level of stimulation has been greatly challenged during the last several years.
Yet,  … to not celebrate a twenty-year milestone of the founding of the HSP Gathering Retreats seems to be giving in, unnecessarily, to the darker times in our world, and minimizing the beautiful gifts these retreats have given to me and offered to so many HSPs around the world.
By the way, the 37th HSP Gathering Retreat for 2020 was postponed due to the coronavirus.  It seems this has only increased my reminiscing about past HSP Gathering Retreats and the very special people I have met along the way.
You can see the history of all the past gatherings here:

There will be future HSP Gathering Retreats and / or Colorado HSP Weekend Retreats.  I’m thinking we can continue observing the uncertainty, being as patient, compassionate, courageous, and non-judgmental as possible,.  May we all seek and find our own kind of support, faith, hope and love.

We Are Pioneers, by Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown’s, “We Are Pioneers” still speaks for me and I believe many other HSPs who have become empowered by learning to honor our unique trait.  Jeff’s message has been shared , in one way or another, at the HSP Gathering Retreats.

” We are pioneers, we are. We are some of the first people to explore a way of being that is not premised on survivalism as our operating principal. For generations, people have been choosing their career path, their life partners, their ways of being, based primarily on what put food on the table. It didn’t matter how one felt about how one survived. All that mattered was staying alive.

Yet a new way of being is taking root, one that is premised on authenticity above all else. We are beginning to insist on living from our truth, choosing our path and our connections from the soul outward. This is why it’s so damn difficult. Torn between the mantras of ‘Grin and Bear it’ and ‘Be who you really are’, we have one foot in each world, not entirely rooted in either. No wonder so many path travelers are in a state of confusion. We are crafting a new, true way of being while carrying the conditioning of the old world. We are saying goodbye to unhealthy connections while still lodged in a duty-bound culture. We are laying down new tracks without a single footprint to follow.”

This is a profound consciousness shift on this planet. We are pioneers, we are. Pioneers of truth. The next generations will be ever grateful for these giant steps. Kudos to all of us, who bravely seek an authentic, new world. Lets give ourselves a bow.”   ~  Jeff Brown  ~ 

I would love to connect with you again,

(Note:  If you have never attended an HSP Gathering Retreat, please do not feel left out. I plan to offer two additional special virtual , online opportunities to connect, and share our deepest truths and reflections.  It will be called:
Wednesday’s HSP Free Write experiences .  One will be in the U.S./North America time zone, and the other for European time zones.    Stay tuned.

The very first HSP Gathering Retreat – May 2001 . Petaluma, California

Elaine Aron & Jacquelyn 29th HSP Gathering – Germany – May 2015

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8 Responses to It’s a celebration ! The HSP Gathering Retreats are Twenty Years Old !

  1. Kate says:

    Sad that I cannot attend the 20 year celebration – but I haven’t yet been able to attend an HSP Gathering…:( But glad to see that you will be offering more online Free Write experiences soon – I would love to participate.

    Which leads me to a question – I would like to be able to get this Newsletter regularly, but couldn’t see a way to subscribe. Can you point me towards a way to subscribe?

    Thank you, be well –

  2. Sibylle says:

    Dear Jacqueline,

    How wonderful to read that you will be celebrating with all the HSP pioneers of the past 20 years! Nothing feels more important than HSPs coming and working together and supporting each other in this truly transformational time. I have only fairly recently consciously connected to my trait and to fellow HSPs and as a result have started to finally feel whole and good — after so many years of stumbling blindly!

    I am hugely looking forward to Free Write Wednesday’s and will also be counting the days until a Colorado retreat will be possible and on the calendar!

    A heartfelt Thank You for all your work and efforts on behalf of other HSPs around the world!

    Warm wishes,
    Sibylle (London, UK)

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Dear Sybylle,
      Wonderful that you will be joining my Wednesday’s HSP Free Writes…. I look forward to ‘meeting’ you there.
      Also…. it is great to know of your interest in the Colorado HSP Weekend Retreats … Will you be coming from
      London? My friend and colleagues, Barbara Allen, comes over from Andover, U.K. and has helped facilitate the last
      two HSP weekend retreats.

  3. Mairead says:

    Have never attended an HSP retreat before, but I am SO EXCITED about the Wednesday Free Writes!

  4. Debby says:

    Hi Jacquelyn, Im unable to come tomorrow eve.
    This sounds great. Maybe there will be a future one perhaps next year for
    those who couldn’t make it? Meantime, enjoy.


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