Memories – the 31st HSP Gathering Retreat – June 28-July 2, 2016

The 31st HSP Gathering Retreat June 28 - July 2, 2016 Estes Park, Colorado

The 31st HSP Gathering Retreat
June 28 – July 2, 2016
Estes Park, Colorado

The 31st HSP Gathering Retreat …. what a treat it was …what a challenge it was … was a growth opportunity it was for all of us as we followed the motto of all the HSP Gathering Retreats:

Focus on Needs, Not Approval …
Trust the Process …. Even if  feeling vulnerable or confused … always asking:
“What is there for me to learn in this moment?” and perhaps most importantly, “What do I NEED in this moment?
As one participant shared:  “It is one thing to read about setting boundaries; it is another thing entirely to do it …without worrying about the consequences.”   Yes… boundaries….don’t leave home without them.

The HSP Gathering Retreat Motto

The HSP Gathering Retreat Motto

Here are a few more comments from this unique time together in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado:

“My first HSP Gathering Retreat  was a tremendously important experience for me – the teaching, the meeting of like minds and hearts, the group process, the creativity night and my efforts to ‘follow the spirit’ with the timing of my story, and then everyone’s enthusiastic enjoyment of the whole night – it was very liberating. I realize that I have come away with a very subtle but very big increase in my self-esteem. Extraordinary! I have waited so long.”
~ Marilyn R, Seattle & Brisbane Australia

“I highly recommend going to a gathering if you are a highly sensitive person, it was well worth the time spent…I had an amazing time this year and met so many wonderful, beautiful, strong, incredible women…and man, lol.So grateful for the opportunity to find a safe place to open my heart and talk about what it is like to be highly sensitive. My greatest thanks to our valiant facilitator Jacquelyn Strickland. She was amazing.”
~B.H., Montana

” What a wonderful experience my first HSP Gathering Retreat was !! !   I must admit, after returning home I feel a little confused and adrift, because for  68 years I have built up solid defenses and stories to myself to defend myself from my sensitivity (not really making myself happy, but surviving). Now, because of the HSP Gathering, I have accepted my sensitivity and I feel like a toddler just learning about the world. I am excited to see where this leads me.  Thank you Jacquelyn for all your hard work and such a meaningful time – it was perfect.  I loved everyone there and will never forget anyone or my time spent there ..”    ~Linda, California

The Six Peas in an HSP Pod - Comedy Troupe

The Six Peas in an HSP Pod – Comedy Troupe

Creativity Night —was so special and so fun…..  We had the “Six Peas in an HSP Pod” Comedy troupe; poetry; a nighttime story and so much more.
One of the many jokes:
How many HSPs does it take to change a light bulb?
None… We don’t do it because the light is too bright ….

Our special Skype time with Elaine Aron. Her message: "Ranking & Linking" was so fitting.

Our special Skype time with Elaine Aron. Her message: “Ranking & Linking” was so fitting.

And finally, it was so freeing to dance to “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross…. So, go ahead…turn up your volume and experience what it feels like to really be “coming out” as an HSP — Imagine dancing with other HSPs to this song — So Much Joy !





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