Myers Briggs with HSP Overlay Teleclass

Myers Briggs Personality Assessment with an HSP Overlay
New Sessions:

November 23, 2013       Part One Saturday, 10:00 – 11:30 am Mountain Time
December 7, 2013          Part Two Saturday, 10:00 – 11:30 am Mountain Time
January 4, 2014        Part One Saturday, 10:00 – 11:30 am Mountain Time
January 11, 2014      Part Two Saturday, 10:00 – 11:30 am Mountain Time

10:00 am – 11:30 am – Mountain Standard Time
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By developing individual strengths, guarding against weaknesses, and appreciating the strengths of other types, life will be more amusing, more interesting, and more of a daily adventure than it could possible be if everyone were alike.”  
“Whatever the circumstances of your life, whatever your personal ties, work, and responsibilities, the understanding of type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgments sounder, and your life closer to your heart’s desire.”
~Isabel Myers, Gifts Differing

Many HSPs have taken the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment; after all, it is readily available for free from many on-line resources. However, I wonder how many have taken the statically valid and reliable version offered only through those who have completed a 45 hour MBTI Certification Process; from someone who is a HSP and a Licensed Professional Counselor?

I also wonder how many have gotten conflicting results from their on-line participation. Finally, I wonder how many have actually overlaid and synthesized information about the HSP trait with the Myers Briggs ? My intuitive answers to these questions are “not many.”

This is your opportunity to take the statistically valid and reliable Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) based on the work of Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types. The MBTI results help us understand similarities and differences which can often be the source of misunderstanding and miscommunication. You will be able to identify your unique strengths and gifts and use the information to better understand yourself, your motivations, your strengths, and potential areas for growth. It will also help you better understand and appreciate those who differ from you. In addition, you will receive numerous handouts related to career, emotional intelligence, spirituality and more.

Implications of our Myers Briggs type combined with our HSP Trait
Have you ever wondered why:

• Many HSPs may have felt they were swimming upstream from the dominate culture;
• HSPs may feel especially challenged to accomplish the goals most important to them;
• There may be more Extravert HSPs than we previously thought; and why HSP Extraverts have the best of both the “Introverted World” and the “Extraverted” World;
• There is no such thing as being “right in between” two preferences such as the J and P or E and I; and why this often indicates some sort of turmoil or transition between two preferences;
• Understanding your least preferred function (the inferior function) is crucial to what Carl Jung called “full type individuation;”
• The first 12 years of life may have erroneously influenced your Myers Briggs type;
• We need all 16 types and why HSPs need non-HSPs and vice versa;
• Your family of origin or school experience may have erroneously influenced your authentic self; and
• HSPs are often striving toward what Carl Jung has called “full type individuation” and your authentic self

Jacquelyn has been certified to utilize the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment since 1991 and has offered this to scores of HSPs. She has been working exclusively with HSPs since 2000.

One of many testimonials about the Myers Briggs with the HSP Overlay:

“I always thought I was an introvert because that is what on-line assessments always revealed. It wasn’t until I connected with Jacquelyn at the 2011 UK Summer HSP Gathering that I had the opportunity to take the 93 statistically valid & reliable Myers Briggs assessment. Though my upbringing brought out the introvert side of me, I realized that in fact there has always been a closet extrovert fighting to get out! The clear description of the ENFJ is so absolutely me, almost down to the last detail. I am very grateful to Jacquelyn for helping me to embrace my true self in all its delightful form. Another great step on the road to self actualization. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Jacquelyn.” S. N. Bishops Waltham, England

“I would like to thank-you for the Myers Briggs telecourse last weekend. I found you quite amazing – addressing so many people at once. For myself, the experience was profound and I am hungry for more insight. I am sorry I became emotional because I felt that kept me from expressing myself well. The very first part of the process – the signing of the names – hit me with a shattering clarity. I am at a deeply pivotal moment in my life and many of the things you discussed seemed to go directly to the heart of the issues I need to address (but have avoided for years.)”  B. Williams, N. Carolina

“I am very glad that I was able to participate in the teleconference Jacquelyn. Doing the Myers Briggs work with someone trained in that area and so familiar with the HSP part meant a lot to me. I found it so interesting and think you did a splendid job……the material flowed along so well and the way you presented it via the printouts, and the examples you gave really worked for me – even though I have my confusion. And I didn’t mind at all that we went over in our time – I can imagine it would be difficult to estimate that with the group.”    Pat.B. , Calgary, Alberta, CA

To register for this teleclass, you first need to make payment at this link:  (Enter the $169 amount at the HSP Teleclass link.)  If you are a past participant at the HSP Gathering Retreats, take 10% off for a total of $152.
Once payment has been received you will be notified how to access my professionally certified link at Consulting Psychological Press to take the statistically valid and reliable MBTI on-line.


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  1. Rowena Tucker says:

    Due to unexpected expenses, I cannot attend this month. Will you be doing another set of classes? Rowena

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