New Year and Winter Greetings 2014

  2014 – New Years and Winter  Greetings from Colorado

A friendly horse on a Winter's Walk.

A friendly horse on a Winter’s Walk.

I hope this finds you entering into a New Year filled with confidence and expectations of new and creative things to come !!  I know many HPSs who are joyfully anticipating a”transitional year” of exciting planned changes.   However, I also know many others who are dealing with loss, disappointment, health or relationship issues, or are just overwhelmed with the challenges of life in general.

In this Winter Issue of HSP Highlights and Insights I have both Insights and Highlights to share which I hope will address the struggles and challenges as well as the anticipation of new things.

 Let’s start with HSP Insights:
Facing and Celebrating Life’s Challenges and Joys:  Maitri & Tonglen
A Buddhist Meditation for HSPs
Top Eleven Ways for HSPs to Thrive by Jacquelyn Strickland

HSP Highlights   

Elaine Aron,   Santa Cruz, CA~ HSP Gathering,  June 2012
Elaine Aron, Santa Cruz, CA~ HSP Gathering, June 2012

Elaine Aron is having a Comfort Zone Newsletter Sale ! Get past issues at great prices


It is always such a nice feeling knowing this newsletter is connecting to thousands of HSPs around the world !  I would love to have you join me at a HSP Gathering or in a teleclass.   Please feel free to make a comment, introduce yourself, or ask a question.

With love and gratitude,




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2 Responses to New Year and Winter Greetings 2014

  1. Nicole says:

    Hello, I’m Nicole. I was just wondering 8f i can get info on the tele classes

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Dear Nicole,
      Thank you for reaching out and for your patience with my slow response. I announce classes I offer via my newsletter — which you are obviously receiving …
      I hope to offer more classes in the future. For now, the Spring 2019 Myers Briggs/HSP Overlay is happening ONLINE May 18 & 25 — and HSPs & Horses, is set for June 28, 29, 30 — although
      that is in person.

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