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Elaine Aron's new Book

Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person
by Dr. Elaine Aron
This is the perfect book in the series of books written by Elaine Aron on understanding the HSP trait.  She is the authority on this subject, and I’m glad because quite frankly there are many myths circulating about our unique trait.  I fear that in the process of our trait becoming mainstream, there will inevitably be stereotypes that accompany the information.  Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person is the perfect book to share with your therapist, or others in your life who may want a more in depthand accurate  understanding of highly sensitive people.

I was surprised to be quoted in 
Chapter 9:  Personality Variation in Highly Sensitive Persons”
“Extraverted sensitive persons find social events draining because of the seemingly endless social chit chat, niceties, and surface exchanges about a myriad of unimportant topics…I think this comes from our natural tendency to want to “know and be known” and to connect in an authentic way with others…{But} if we are not careful and conscious of our intentions, when we are “out” in the world we can be found wearing our emotions on our sleeves, making ourselves unusually vulnerable.” 

~Jacquelyn Strickland: “An Insider View of the Extravert High Sensation Seeking HSP,” HSP Highlights & Insights, Winter/Spring 2007.

(You can read the entire article, An Insider View of the Extravert High Sensation Seeker in a past newsletter archive here:  http://lifeworkshelp.com/newsletter/8/AnInsiderViewoftheEstravertHighSensationSeekingHSP.html


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