Q & A: What is the difference between the Colorado HSP Weekend Retreat & the HSP Gathering Retreats(Since 2001) ?

What is the difference between the Colorado HSP Weekend Retreat and the HSP Gathering Retreats?



The Colorado HSP Weekend Retreat is always held here in Colorado where I live. They are shorter, smaller, more intimate because of size (getting more personal attention from me), and only lunch is provide for 2 days. They are more of a workshop atmosphere vs. the HSP Gatherings which are educational and retreat oriented.   Because they are shorter, they are more affordable.

The HSP Gathering Retreats also have a definite mission statement.  You can read all about them here.

The  mission statement of the HSP Gathering Retreats:

· To value the trait of high sensitivity and its contribution to the world
· To foster the exchange of wisdom based on personal experiences
· To educate, motivate, and inspire HSPs to create authentic lives that work for them so that they embrace their unique gifts and manifest those gifts in the world
· To help develop supportive communities for HSPs locally, nationally and internationally

The  HSP Gathering Retreats are much more “magical” in that they allow process time which has always resulted in unique “co-creations”  which seems to inspire and energize, not only certain individual HSPs, but  our group as a whole. The extra time also creates an incredible “felt sense” of:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” (Aristotle) 🌷

The HSP Gathering Retreats  are four nights, five days; 3 meals per day; an entire afternnoon to explore nature/lesiure activities alone or with others; , an art night, creativity night; plus the educational breakout sessions…
This all provides for much more in-depth connections with others, often resulting in life-long friendships, increased confidence and empowerment.

So many who have attended an HSP Gathering Retreat have gone on to become coaches, authors, and/or share information & events back in their own countries /cities as a result of their time at an HSP Gathering. Three have even written their own books. And many HSPs have attended again and again. 🌼 Because each HSP Gathering Retreat is different from the last, depending upon the energy of those who attend

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