Raising a Highly Sensitive Boy: Help from Dr. Ted Zeff’s on-line course

Dr. Ted Zeff and Jacquelyn at the San Francisco premier of the documentary: Sensitive: The Untold Story

New Information for Parents of Sensitive Boys

Dr. Ted Zeff’s recent four part seminar on raising sensitive boys is now available for the general public. This six hour course discusses in detail every aspect of how to raise a sensitive boy and is a great complement to the book “The Strong Sensitive Boy.” I highly recommend every parent of a sensitive boy watch this comprehensive 6 hour seminar.

Join Dr. Ted Zeff and host David Tensen for four 90 minute videos recorded over a live and interactive webinar with participants from around the world. The course includes a downloadable, comprehensive study guide. 

For more information on this unique seminar please visit: 

https://davidtensen.thinkific.com/courses/raising-the-highly-sensitive-boy-with-dr-ted-zeff .

The HSP men enjoying time with Dr. Ted Zeff, 2007 HSP Gathering Retreat …

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