Sensitive: The Untold Story ! A HSP Documentary !

Elaine Aron, 24th HSP Gathering Retreat, June 2012

Elaine Aron, 24th HSP Gathering Retreat, June 2012

Yes !  It’s true.  
A documentary on the genetic trait
of high sensitivity !

as of today, September 6, 2015 the first goal of $50,000 has been met !    However, please do not let that stop you from making YOUR contribution.  Any extra monies raised will go toward enhancing the movie; allowing for cross-cultural interviews and perhaps a well-known personality as narrator !

It’s official !  7-time Grammy award winner, singer-song writer ~ Alanis Morrisette ~ is on board and will be a part of Sensitive: The Untold Story.  She is an avid supporter of Dr. Aron’s research and is an HSP herself.  She will be sharing her compelling story and music in the film.
if all goes according to plan, I will be representing the
High Sensation Seeking Sensitive Extravert and the HSP Gathering Retreats.
I’m definitely anxious about this … but I know that’s just typical of an HSP
moving out of their comfort zone, so I’ll just roll with it !

Here is a A 6 minute video – especially for the non-HSP in your life.

 I love how Elaine explains:

  “… we once all lived in small groups, where we naturally knew who was sensitive, who was not, and valued what each contributed to the survival of the whole. We have lost that knowledge of each other and need to regain it. In particular, the 80% have lost their understanding of the 20%, leading to many lost opportunities for both groups…”

And ….

here is the trailer for the movie and where YOU can make a contribution – at the end of the video – via Kickstarter !

Sensitive:  The Untold Story – a trailer for the movie to  be made

Please know this is just a “trailer” for the move and is meant to capture one’s attention.  There will be many changes made from this original trailer.  My favorite part of this trailer is the young woman with blue hair as she shares her sensitivity is her “super power.”


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4 Responses to Sensitive: The Untold Story ! A HSP Documentary !

  1. Frances Newton says:

    Hi elaine,
    I would Love to see the movie about ME.
    I have been Highly Sensitive since i was being teased in elementary school for being too thin. I am also connected to those on the other side through dreams or soul travel.
    Especially with my husband who passed over 10 years ago. I have been keeping a journal of our meetings for the last past 4 years now. His Birthday was June 9 and he gave me a very sensual present. I begin Meditating with Oprah and Deepak Chopra last Nov. 2013.
    since then my Third eye has been activated. I now sence more and can feel virbrations, hear high tones, soul travel, see the magnetic energy fields around trees, buildings and other things. I see luminous eyes. When I am in a different realms, I can see them also
    int the dark. There is so much going on.
    The most amazing thing that has recently happened is that while I was looking into my eyes in my jewelry box mirror, I begin to see all these faces. they must be my Ancestors. I am not afraid when I see them. At first I was startled
    The faces are changes at a fast pace. They are all different. Some are older, gray, men, women, wrinkled, mummified. It is hard to explain.
    I am not is crowds. I absorb the energy. I would like to share my experiences with you.
    Thank you for you dedicated work about HSP.
    Frances N.

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Wow Frances …what an amazing, rich and complex inner life you have described ! I’ve often had brief images of ancestral type connections … but only briefly. Be sure to look at the comments and scan information on the video: Sensitive: The Untold Story . There is also a Facebook page called “Sensitive.” You could share your story with the creators of the documentary …. they are open to all types of input …. Thanks for sharing …

  2. Santiago L says:

    I really, really love this project, thanks!!!!

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