Sharing Our Stories, Sharing Our Wisdom: Coming Home to Ourselves

Sharing Our Stories, Sharing Our Wisdom:
Coming Home to Ourselves

“The more intimately we begin to know ourselves, and follow those inner knowings, the closer we become to God, however that experience is defined and experienced through us.”    ~ Jacquelyn Strickland

This small, intimate retreat is for women who are highly sensitive, empowered and spiritual… It is for those who are truth-seekers, truth-tellers and sometimes challengers of the status quo.
This is an opportunity to spend four days in a quiet, yet softly energizing and inspiring environment where we will blend time together, with solitude, experiential activities in nature, journaling, music and poetry.
We will explore, discover and listen to the various ways our spiritual journey may be calling us forward.   Finally, we will explore what a sense of “coming home” feels like and how to nurture that sense of connection within ourselves.    Our retreat will end with a special concert of music, poetry with recitations from The God of Green Valley, with Maria Jose Celemin .

When:  Thursday, August 31, 2017 through lunch on Monday, September 4, 2107 
(Extra night accommodations can be made, in advance,  via Maria at $140 per night, includes dinner .)

Where:   Casa Rural Valladolid Beautiful Alamedas, Valladolid, Castronuno Spain 

Cost:   $945 –  includes retreat cost;  4 nights double or triple occupancy only; 12 meals starting with dinner on August 31, ending with lunch on Monday, September 4th;   Transportation costs not included.

Your Retreat Leader

That would be me, Jacquelyn Strickland.  Most of you know  me from the HSP Gathering Retreats, my HSP Teleclasses, or as a coaching or therapy client.  Besides being licensed as a professional counselor, I am also a sensitive, spiritual, intuitive therapist, teacher, mentor, author and retreat facilitator  specializing in supporting the journey to authentic living for the highly sensitive person.
It was synchronicity at it’s finest that led me to Elaine Aron’s work back in May 1996, and  I was fortunate to have co-created the national and international HSP Gathering Retreats with Dr. Elaine Aron in 2001.  Since then I have  presented and facilitated over 34 HSP Gatherings, nationally and internationally.   I have been certified in the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment since 1991; licensed as a therapist since 1993; trained in hypnotherapy, and am also a EMDR, Level II therapist.    I’ve been extremely fortunate to have worked exclusively with HSPs since 2000.

Maria Jose Celemin

Your lovely host

Your host, María José Celemín is a writer, thinker and entrepreneur from and settled in Castronuño Valladolid, Spain.   Her book, The God of Green Valley has inspired concerts with music and poetry as she shares her experience and knowledge of spiritual traditions, most notably Teresa de Avila and other intuitive forms to bridge a connection to God.  The God of Green Valley, and surrounding land and orchard, serves   as the backdrop for this retreat.  It is also the roots of her grandparents and parents.

“:…To Jacquelyn Strickland … for all the mirrors that you so cleverly placed in front of me in which I could identify myself….

It is always wonderful to witness and share in an HSP’s journey to empowerment, and I’ve been privileged to witness  María’s  personal journey. Besides being gifted, she is a beautiful, empowered,  visionary woman who has struggled on her own HSP journey to now finally have her voice and wisdom shared with the people in her country, as she presents her book The God of Green Valley through music and poetry.  It is  a true example of an HSP coming into her own after being ridiculed, ostracized, oppressed AND misdiagnosed as bi-polar.  She has become an Empowered,  Artistic HSP and is helping create safe environments for HSPs in her country by speaking out on the damage of a macho culture to the highly sensitive population ~ especially women ~ in her country.    One of her latest accomplishments is as founder and publisher of Ecology & Spirituality .  

To Register:  Send a personal email to indicating your interest.  You will then receive  instructions on how to move forward to secure your space at this retreat.   Space is very limited, so if this calls to you, I would suggest to act now.


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