Spring 2019 – HSP Highlights & Insights

Happy Spring dear HSPs,
I’m happy to share the Spring 2019 issue of my newsletter, HSP Highlights & Insights

 HSP Work Insights:
Research and a charming, helpful video
about HSPs and Work:
Caroline Ferguson – unlocking our sensitive gifts at work
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Highly Sensitive Children, Dr. Esther Bergsma


1)  Work and the Highly Sensitive Person Here are the results of the research from drs. Esther Bergsma, (Msc) ~ an author, researcher specialist working with HSPs in the Netherlands.    She surveyed 5,500 HSPs from around the world.  Her topics include:  Burnout, Imbalance,  Overwhelm, Effects of Overwhelm and Unmet needs.

And here are a few of my favorite books which I think are helpful in finding a meaningful avenue for work which can enhance your HSP trait.


2) Introversion, Extroversion & the Highly Sensitive Person:  Clearing up misconceptions

HSP Introvert? HSP Extrovert? OR Non-HSP introvert ; Non-HSP Extrovert? There IS a difference.




HSP Highlights

The 8th HSP Gathering Retreat in 2005 held at Whidbey Institute

1)  The 36th HSP Gathering Retreat –  NEW —
Finally ~~Continuing Education Credits may be available
More info to come
Currently, we have HSPs attending from:

California ~ San Francisco, Santa Rosa
Colorado ~ Ft. Collins
Minnesota  ~Bloomington
Montana – Big Fork
Virginia ~ Falls Church
Washington ~ Bellevue, Bellingham,  Maple Valley, Port Angeles,  Seattle
And International:
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I’m happy to have Katharine Wismer, MA,as my co-host:

Horses can’t talk, but they speak if you will listen

2)  Highly sensitive people learning from the wisdom and sensitivity of horses:  A Colorado weekend retreat
 –  June 28, 29, 30, 2019 at
Unbridled Farm,
Wellington, Colorado


3)  Spring Session-Myers Briggs with HSP Overlay

4)  Highly Sensitive People Events with Dr. Elaine Aron
& Alane Freund, LMFT ~
Check out details here:

April 13-20th:
HSPs & Horses:   A WEEKLONG Retreat !

June 7-9th:  Santa Cruz, CA, at 1440 Multiversity.
Highly Sensitive People:  Discovering Your Hidden Advantage

September 13-15Kripalu, Western Massachusetts.
A Weekend for Highly Sensitive People
Weekend for Highly Sensitive People.

November 3-8, Santa Cruz, CA,  at 1440 Multiversity,
“Highly Sensitive People Self Care  University”

5)  Coming in March 2020 — the first HSP Weekend Workshop for Highly Sensitive Men !!
1440 Multiversity in Santa Cruz, CA
March 13-15, 2020!
You will not want to miss this opportunity to learn from some of the top experts in the field of Sensory Processing Sensitivity research as you engage in a weekend of warm-hearted fellowship with other HS men, gain valuable insights into how you can live more fully realized as a HS man, and how you can heal and grow from the challenges all highly sensitive people encounter in life.

Here is a Facebook page to keep informed:


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