Spring Updates: Nature as Healer; Myers Briggs/HSP Overlay; HSP Gatherings

A surprise finding a few years ago during one of my Nature as Healer & Teacher adventures.

A surprise finding a few years ago during one of my Nature as Healer & Teacher adventures.

Spring greetings everyone,
Like most everywhere else, Colorado is experiencing warmer than average temperatures.  Today, March 11th,  it is 72 degrees.  It is strange to remember the March Blizzard of 2003 when we received 36″ of snow in one storm.    Climate change perhaps?

Although signs of Spring are in the air, the mountains still have snow.   March 13-16 I will be embarking on my Winter:

Winter Cabin, Gould, Colorado

Winter Cabin,
Gould, Colorado

Night Sky

“…What we know for sure is that we can experience the grandeur of the universe as a very real mystery, with our eyes open looking at the night sky …for this vast silence and grandeur to give us equanimity, it has to be experienced, not held just as a nice idea that it exists. For equanimity, you don’t just know there is a Bigger but you experience it. ” Elaine Aron~ February 2009 : Comfort Zone Online”

WomenOutdoors: Nature as Healer & Teacher expereinces.   Myself and a small circle of women will be making this remote cabin our home for three nights.  There we will engage in collage making, fire circles, Conversation Cafes answering Mark Nepo’s beautiful question:  “What wants our heart’s attention?”  Oh, and my favorite?  Celebrating our free spirits as we view the night sky with a roaring fire nearby.   If you are interesting in a Winter or Summer WomenOutdoors: Nature As Healer & Teacher expereince, send me a quick email with “Nature Retreat” in the subject line and I will put you on my list for future dates.   Email:  jacquelyn@hspgatheringretreats.com

Meanwhile, here is a way for you to create your own Nature as Healer & Teacher   expereince:http://www.lifeworkshelp.com/HSP-Newsletter/?p=2785&preview=true

See past WomenOutdoors adventures here:

Spring Session: Myers Briggs/HSP Overlay Teleclass-  Two Saturdays:  March 19 and 26.    Have you ever wanted to know what types of jobs you are best suited for ?  Or how to return to a state of equilibrium from too much stress in your life?  Or How to deepen your spiritual path? These are just a few of the many answers you can find in the numerous handouts associated with this class.   You can go here to register:  http://www.lifeworkshelp.com/HSP-Newsletter/myers-briggshsp-overlay-winter-2016-session/

Update on the 2016 HSP Gathering Retreats:

31st HSP Gathering – Estes Park, Colorado- Please register before April 28 or we lose our block of rooms.   http://www.lifeworkshelp.com/hspgathering.htm
Currently, we have HSPs registered from Colorado, Fort Worth, Texas,  Phoenix, Arizona, San Diego, CA, Bremerton, Washington, and Richmon, British Columbia

The theme of the 2016 HSP Gatherings will follow along with Dr. Brene Brown’s work : www.brenebrown.com   We will learn and practice my model “Integrated Wholeness of the Heart” which I created back in 2007 .. and which ironically is a way to understand living what Brene Brown calls “whole-hearted living.”

That’s all for now …. Sending my best HSP wishes,


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