Summer 2013 Greetings dear HSPs …. from Jacquelyn

Summer greetings dear HSPs,
Well… as usual… I have waited so long to send out another issue of HSP Highlights & Insights that I’m afraid I will overwhelm you with TMI – too much information ! Yet, I want to share all of this with you … so please do take your own sweet time to browse through all the links.
My European Adventure with HSPs from around the world !

United Kingdom!
From Shame to Empowerment for the Highly Sensitive PersonNotes from the 2 day workshop in Longparish, Andover, Hampshire with Barbara Allen-Williams.  Including links to The Empowered HSP and The Unempowered HSP.

Sweden ! It was wonderful to have Elaine Aron join us in person !  We Elaine_June_12celebrated her book being published in Swedish ! 
Sentiments, Photographs and Videos from the Historic 26th HSP Gathering Retreat in Enkoping, Sweden 9-13 May 2013

Your Invitation to Register Now !   the 27th HSP Gathering Retreat – September 26-30, 2013 , Loveland, Colorado.

Second:  My Summer HSP Teleclasses
July 30th & August 6:
HSP and The Myers Briggs Personality Assessment
August 2nd:  Knowing When, If and How to Share Your HSP Trait with Others
 August 9th Facilitating your Own HSP Empowerment Group

Also in this issue:

The HSP Subcultures©2005 : An updated version with three new additions:
The Anomalous HSP; The Empath HSP; and The Gifted HSP.

On My Nightstand: Book Reviews ~ So Many Books, So Little Time 🙂
The H.I.S.S. of the A.S.P. ~ Understanding the Anomalously Sensitive Person by David Ritchey – “… A provocative examination of consciousness, creativity and psychic giftedness…”  (See my HSP Subcultures above.)

The God of Green Valley, by María José Celemín.  A beautiful story of the fictional HSP character Victoria … who lost her connection with her beloved God of Green Valley…the God of Nature; of the fruit trees; of the harvest; the God of values; of honesty; humility; of kindness, of innocent joy.  Yet, after finding out about the HSP trait, she found her way back to her God of Green Valley, her voice, her freedom and her dignity.

“Never underestimate the power of culture to devalue, discourage or marginalize your authentic self. Never underestimate the power of your own power to reclaim your authentic self.” ~ Jacquelyn Strickland
Congratulations Maria … I am so very proud and happy for you !

The Sensitive Path and Sensitive Walking: A Collection of HSP Poems by Fiona Gyde of the United Kingdom.

Don’t Forget !!  — Registration Information ~ the 27th HSP Gathering Retreat – September 26-30, 2013 , Loveland, Colorado.

Be well and I hope you find ways to enjoy your summer in a special HSP kind of way !
with love and gratitude,




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