Summer 2015 – HSP Highlights & Insights

Summer Greetings dear HSPs,

_MG_1311Rain, and more rain is what our spring and summer here in Northern Colorado has looked like so far this year. It’s strange because  we live in a semi-arid part of the country.   I’m not complaining because I love, love, love living in Colorado, and being able to get outdoors as much as I want !  The benefits of this rain are obvious as everything is green, growing and thriving.

Colorado Summer

Colorado Summer

And growing and thriving seems to be the good news about  highly sensitive people ~ at least as far educating and connecting HSPs around the world.
I recently returned from traveling in Europe where I not only celebrated the 15th year since co-founding the HSP Gatherings, but I purposefully created a personal celebration and awareness that yes, there IS an HSP International Movement happening as we speak !
The 29th HSP Gathering in Germany welcomed 20 HSPs from 8 different countries over four days, 7 – 11 May.)   The theme at this Gathering was:  The HSP Spiritual Journey to Empowerment.  It is also the theme for the
two remaining HSP Gatherings in 2015.
Elaine Aron was in Copenhagen, Denmark where the topic was “The Sensitive Advantage–How Sensitive Children and Adults Can Experience More Energy, Richness and Happiness in Their Daily Lives.” She was in Belgium for the First International Scientific Conference on High Sensitivity  and finally in Stockholm, Sweden where HSPs from around the world came together for a special weekend.

to let our HSP genetic trait shine
… to come out of hiding
to live our authentic lives,
honoring our individual needs
thoughts, feelings and desires

And what better way to be part of this HSP International Movement than to celebrate the release of the new documentary, Sensitive: The Untold Story.   It will be released sometime this summer.  I’m sure Elaine will announce this release as soon as she knows the date.

And I hope you know there are now a multitude of HSP Meet Ups happening around the world too.   To find one  near you go to  .

In this issue of HSP Highlights & Insights you will find:

Resources for explaining your HSP Trait to others (includes the NEW trailer for
the documentary:  Sensitive:  The Untold Story which will be released this summer.

Wisdom from Einstein which many HSPs already know

Wisdom from Einstein which many HSPs already know

Myers Briggs and Your HSP Trait: Did you know that not All HSPs have a  strong sense of  Intuition?
Check out my Summer Teleclass:
June 20 & 27

Elaine Aron &  Jacquelyn 29th HSP Gathering -  Germany - May 2015

Elaine Aron & Jacquelyn 29th HSP Gathering – Germany – May 2015

The 29th HSP Gathering Retreat ~  Updates and pictures from  Germany, May 7-11, 2015.

News about the 30th and 31st HSP Gathering Retreats – and why NOW might be the time to attend.  Elaine Aron will be joining us at both via teleconference.   These will be held in beautiful places:
August 8-12, 2015 – Abbotsford, British Columbia at Edenvale Retreat Center

September 30 – October 4, 2015  New Brunswick, Canada at  Roosevelt Campobello International Park featuring “Tea with Eleanor Roosevelt” who many believe was an Empowered HSP !  Send an email to to inquire about possible scholarships.  🙂

And…. last, but not least – Peter Messerschmidtan HSP extraordinaire …  sharing his journal entries about his first HSP Gathering experience in June 2003 — a bit dated, yes, but still VERY relevant and a great, heartfelt story that I love reading over and over again  !

That’s it for this Summer issue …. Hopefully, there will be another issue this Summer as I will be writing about the Extravert HSP –  as, just like the HSP genetic trait in general, there are lots of misconceptions about us out there.

With love,




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