Summer Greetings dear HSPs

Summer greetings dear HSPs,

Beautiful gardens, Rollilng Ridge

I am writing to you from Boston where I am staying with a close friend while awaiting thestart of the 21st HSP Gathering Retreat to be held May 26-30 in North Andover, Massachusetts at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center.    Currently we have HSPs registered from : 
Colorado:  Ft. Collins
Connecticut:  Essex
 New York:   Astoria, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Beach, Manhattan,& Mt. Vernon  
 Massachusetts:  Amesbury, Concord, Easthampton, Harvard, Marlboro, & Maynard  
Maryland:  Urbana
New Jersey:  Bloomfield
North Carolina:  Greenville
Vermont:   Montpelier
Canada:   Charlottetown,Prince Edward Island,;Montreal, Quebec,; & Ottawa, Ontario

I am so looking forward to meeting new HSPs from around the country, and greeting those HSPs who return to the Gatherings each year.

Wellness & Spa Center, Rolling Ridge Retreat

For all the HSPs who do attend a HSP Gathering Retreat, there are many more of you who, for whatever reason, cannot attend.   So, I thought I would do something different this year ~ connect with you during the HSP Gathering with short reports and photos via Facebook updates. (No, I’m not on Twitter yet, but receiving peer pressure to “Tweet.” 🙂

Here is the HSP Gathering Retreat Facebook page which you can “Like” and tune in with the rest of us from the 21st HSP Gathering Retreat  in beautiful Northeast Massachusetts.    (If for some reason this link doesn’t work, please do a Facebook Search for HSP Gathering Retreats.)

Main House, Rolling Ridge

Hope to connect with you soon on Facebook.

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6 Responses to Summer Greetings dear HSPs

  1. kathleen harrington says:

    Hey Jackie
    Thanks for the update to those of us who can’t be there with you. I loved the photo of the pansies at the top of the page. Hope to be with you in September in California.


  2. Jacquelyn says:

    Thanks Renee … will definitely pass this along …. or most likely she will see this and be happy as well 🙂

    • Zev says:

      I have read Raising Your Spirited Child, as well. I think I liked it better, pahreps because the concept was still new and I was just expecting more from the HSC book. I haven’t read The Out Of Sync Child yet, but it’s my understanding HSC was better so I doubt I will get around to it. Hold On To Your Kids and RU Revolution sound interesting too. I’m never going to make it through my book pile!

  3. Erika Harris says:

    Bless you, Jacquelyn, for making the Gathering accessible to those of us who join you in spirit… delighting in the seeing and being!! So thank you for the pictures and reports. Please know that they are heartily appreciated. Oh Lord, especially that Peruvian saying. Love, love, love to you all! XO

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Nice to ‘see’ you Erika…. will be posting more soon…. there is sooo much more … too much to share in posts…. Yes, the Pilgrim saying has been an important message.

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