Summer Greetings Everyone ~ July 2011

Summer Greetings Everyone…
Welcome to the July 2011 issue of HSP Highlights & Insights!

HSP~Personalized! Rolling Ridge Retreat Center ~ All photos by Kim Tyler Photography, Essex, CT

There is much to share with you this month!  Since this newsletter is packed with lots of things to read and ponder, you might want to review a few sections at a time, take a break and come back later to finish reading.  
   It has been almost one month since the 21st HSP Gathering Retreat™ in North Andover, Massachusetts ended on Memorial Day, May 30th.


My two lovely co-hosts at the 21st HSP Gathering: Jackie Kutner, Bronx, NY & Ane Axford, Manhattan, NY

There were so many lessons to be learned from this HSP Gathering!  In this issue I am sharing the main points from  my presentation on:  HSPs & Conflict: From Resistance to Successful Resolution 
and from Ane Axford’s Beyond Thriving: Sensitive Leadership .  Due to time constraints, I will report on Elaine’s important presentation on HSPs & Complexes: Ours & Others in the next issue of this ezine…

If you are in the United Kingdom, you can hear Elaine’s talk about HSPs & Complexes: Ours & Others  via teleconference at the:
22nd HSP Gathering Retreat™ ~ 21-25 July, 2011
Wimborne, Dorset, United Kingdom 
Gaunts House   
There  are still a few spaces left, so if you are thinking about joining us the time to register is NOW. Please go to for registration form … The early registration discount has been extended for a limited time only.

Elaine Aron in person at the 23rd HSP Gathering Retreat
It is always a special treat when Elaine can join us in person at a HSP Gathering.    And…this will be the case at the:
23rd HSP Gathering Retreat™
September 1-5, 2011
La Casa de Maria Retreat Center ~
Santa Barbara, California
Registration form here
Early registration discount extended for a limited time only

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer….. It goes very fast here in Colorado … I am looking forward to my annual backpacking trip in August with my dearest friend and colleague:
 Erika Harris ( )
who is coming out to Colorado for what promises to be a very grand WomenOutdoors adventure! We will get plenty of time to discuss the books we are writing ~  The Bully Book  is hers, and mine ?  Well, I’m trusting the title will soon evolve. We’ll be sure to share what manifests from our time together!

Oh Be Joyful trail in Crested Butte, Colorado: photographer unknown

Oh Be Joyful !! Why Not?? 
This weekend I am off with my family for an extended five-day fourth of July weekend to one of the most beautiful places in Colorado ~ Crested Butte ! I love the name of this trail: Oh Be Joyful … and you can be certain I’ll be joyful while surrounded by an abudance of July wildflowers. As many of you know, I ~ like most HSPs ~ have always found much solace, wisdom and inspiration in nature.  I think most anyone can experience the same thing if they are open to it.  
    If you are so inclined, here is a simple, yet profound way to become intimate with nature…It’s called “Nature as Teacher and Healer.”  I hope you can find time to experience what nature might have to teach you and let me know what you find out.

Until the next newsletter …..or until I see you at the next HSP Gathering …
with love,
P.S.  To access the articles in blue above, be sure to click on the right hand side links (because I am still learning how to created automatic links  🙂


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