Ten Benefits of Being in Relationship with Other HSPs

Ten Great Benefits of  Being In Relationship with other HSPs

by Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC

Premiere Night of Sensitive: The Untold Story

Premiere Night of Sensitive: The Untold Story

There IS an international movement happening – as we speak – with HSPs coming together in communities around the world.  Thanks to the positive aspect of social media, there are hundreds of Meet Ups for HSPs (www.meetup.com) and hundreds of others who are doing their own outreach to connect and educate others about the HSP trait.

There is no need for you to feel lonely or isolated.  Please reach out and find HSP connection — it is there for the taking.   And when you do find an HSP connection here are the likely benefits you will receive.

The following list comes from personal experience and was co-created with my special HSP friend , Molly Sheahan, who some of you met at the Sequoia HSP Gathering Retreat in the fall of 2004 and also at the Colorado HSP Gathering in Colorado in the fall of 2007.  Thank you Molly.

Benefits of HSP Connection

  • The safety of the relationship provides us with a forum within which to “come out.”  
  • It provides us with validation and acknowledgment – allowing us to be seen and heard. 
  • It relieves pressure and tension from not being authentically seen or heard in our daily lives. 
  • It creates an avenue for fuller self-expression of our Spirit, including our emotions, imaginations, and perceptions, often leading us to wonderful (inner) places and (outer) possibilities never before revealed. 
  • It provides us a place to share our vivid experiences of the world around us. 
  • It focuses on our strengths, opens our heart and infuses us with a sacred innocence and joy. 
  • It helps us move beyond blind faith to a feeling of “faith like prayers just heard.” 
  • It can take the pressure off others, especially our non-HSP partners or friends, who may find it tiring to go the depths we naturally find energizing, nurturing and supportive.  
  • It can keep us focused on what really matters and away from irrelevant details which can ultimately drain our energy. 
  • It can provide us with a mirror which allows us to fully see, hear and feel our own energies which can then serve as clarification for the depth of our perceptions.

With love and HSP connection,





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