The 28th HSP Gathering – In the Hill Country of Texas

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Hello Everyone !
I’m very excited to remind you about
The 28th HSP Gathering Retreat
Sunday, April 27 thru Thursday, May 1, 2014
Red Corral Ranch in Wimberley, Texas, an enchanting retreat center on 1100 acres in the Hill Country of Texas

I think one of my co-hosts, Celia Clowe, from Houston says it best.  This is from a post she made on HSPBook, an on-line forum for HSPs:

“I’m also attending the HSP Gathering outside of Austin, in Wimberley, TX in April. I attended the last Gathering in Colorado in September 2013. It was a wonderful event for me. I felt free – I was exposed, and surrounded with love and understanding because I was with others that have the same traits.

I am thrilled to be one of the co-hosts for the 28th HSP Gathering.  We are meeting at Red Corral Ranch and it is lovely.  I went to Red Corral for an art retreat awhile ago. I loved the big, permanent labyrinth, the huge trees, the pool and hot tub, and the feel of the community. I sat outside one day and counted over 15 red cardinals in the tress. They also have peacocks that roam the grounds andit you’re lucky you will encounter the one albino peacock.Peacock
This HSP Gathering Retreat is in April, and traditionally the Texas countryside is flush with beautiful wildflowers. I hope you can find a way to attend – I LOVE meeting other HSPs and learning how you navigate your life and sharing. The last day for early registration is Feb 1, but if you let Jacquelyn know you are interested, she might be able to apply an extension for you, or make payment plan arrangements. “

Throughout your 4-1/2 day experience immersed in nature at Red Corral Ranch,  you will also have the opportunity to:

  •  Meet other HSPs from around the country ~~ for many this has often been a life-changing experience
  •  Raise the self-esteem of HSPs by helping to provide a safe atmosphere in which to be seen, heard and validated
  •  Value and understand your own sensitivity so that your unique gifts can manifest and benefit those in your circle of the world
  •  Engage in deep and meaningful conversations as we learn from the power our collective wisdom
  • Learn tips for clearing your energy field so you are not as affected by other’s moods or energies
  • Practice daily grounding exercises outside in the morning air & share your own ground techniques with others
  •  Meet Elaine Aron via Skype and talk with her personally about any HSP questions you may have

Take the statistically valid & reliable Myers Briggs Personality Assessment from which you will learn:

  • More about what work environments may be best for you
  •  How the first 12 years of your life may have erroneously influenced your authentic self
  • To better understand the non-HSPs in your life
  • What Carl Jung has called “full type individuation”
    Why there may be more “Extravert” HSPs that we might think

Art Night – Making HSP personal collages or your own vision board
Creativity Night: Let your “inner talent” be seen and heard at our very own “show & tell” evening of entertainment.  Song? Dance? Poetry? Music? Monologue?  Photography?

And at Red Corral Ranch:

  • Enjoy the outdoor swimming pool & the numerous hot tubs
  • During our Leisure Activity afternoon, enjoy a leisure outing to surrounding swimming holes near Wimberley, or enjoy an Labrynith Dedicationafternoon hike, or just spend your afternoon poolside, in the hammock reading, or enjoy the Labyrinth experience

Finally, here is a very touching video from an HSP in Finland. She was our “Mistress of Ceremonies” on Creativity Night during the 26th HSP Gathering in Sweden in May 2013.  Merja truly blossomed during her four days at her first HSP Gathering. at Last” 1:33

And finally — If you have read this far, I hope you are interested in joining us …. Due to technical challenges getting this newsletter out, we have extended the early registration discount until Feb 15th.  And if you need extra help, you can make two separate payments:  one for lodging & meals and one for the HSP Gathering fee   Just email me at

Go here to register and find out more:

 With gratitude and anticipation and love,

Jacquelyn Strickland

Co-Founder with Dr. Elaine Aron of the
HSP Gathering Retreats (Since 2001)




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