The 35th HSP Gathering Retreat – Fall 2018, Phoenicia, New York

Emily Agnew:   I first met Emily at the 2016 32nd HSP Gathering Retreat in Fenwick, Michigan and have since taken her Focusing Levels I and II for Sensitive People on-line classes. Emily works with sensitive people around the world, facilitating 1:1 sessions and teaching classes that help HSPs heal anxiety, reframe their experiences, and create sustainable lives. She also writes two articles about sensitivity each month for her e-zine, The Listening Post. Emily is a certified facilitator of Focusing and Inner Bonding

Dr. Jadzia Jagiellowicz:  Jadzia is a  well-known researcher with Dr. Arthur & Elaine Aron, among others, about the trait of high sensitivity. Her research investigates the emotional and thinking styles of highly sensitive people and she is  particularly interested in how highly sensitive people can better regulate their emotions. Another area of interest is how genes in highly sensitive people interact with the environment to create certain types of behaviour and how changing the environment can change the way highly sensitive people think and feel.   Jadzia is excited to attend her first HSP Gathering Retreat, mostly as a participant and co-host, leaving her researcher hat at home.  Her blog is here:
and  her website here:

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Menla Mountain Retreat Center
Phoenicia, New York ~
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