The 36th HSP Gathering Retreat – Sept 25-29, 2019, Whidbey Island, Clinton, Washington

What will I learn at an HSP Gathering Retreat™ ?

I am asked this question over and over, and

Truthfully, there is no easy answer because what each person gains from this unique four night, five day experience is unique to each individual:  what they bring to the Gathering; how open they are to receiving from others; and where they are on their unique journey as a highly sensitive person. 

Here are a few comments from past participants in 2018:

The 34th HSP Gathering Retreat~ June 14-18 2018
Dorset, England

“I want to say a sincere & HUGE thank you for the most wonderful four days !  I loved every second at every level !  Thank you also for bringing this experience to Europe and for all your incredible work for us HSP.  You are an inspiration !  ”
Mary T. Tierney, from Clare, Scotland , at the 34th HSP Gathering Retreat,  June 2018

“Thanking you profoundly for all of your gifts to me, a rich and deep experience which far exceeded any expectations I had. I now carry you all with me going forward in my life , which I am sure will, thanks to you all, take the direction I did not know I was looking for. Please know you are all very special to me and will always be so. ” R.Y. 34th HSP Gathering, England, June 2018

35th HSP Gathering Retreat, Phoenicia, New York ~ 14 of the 23 HSPs in attendance Sept 2018

“I was truly touched, Jacquelyn, by how much of yourself you gave to us. Your personal experiences, educational knowledge, therapeutic knowledge, advice, history, your heart ~ that you truly cared for each one of us and our experience was profound. It was jam packed both with education and therapeutic modalities to learn and know how to take care of ourselves.”
Rebecca, 35th HSP Gathering, Phoenicia, New York,
October 2018


Currently, we have 21 HSPs attending from:

 San Francisco
Santa Rosa

  Ft. Collins

Big Fork

   Falls Church

Maple Valley
Port Angeles


Aberdeen, Hong Kong
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Please do read more about the HSP Gathering Retreats here:

Elaine & Jacquelyn
March 2018
Advanced Training in HSP Research

From Dr. Elaine Aron’s website:
“The HSP Gathering Retreats (started in 2001) are a unique opportunity to gather with other HSPs to discover, explore, and celebrate your unique HSP trait. You will leave with greater scientific understanding of the trait, new tools for empowerment, as well as a deeper sense of being seen, heard, and validated as an HSP so that you can begin to live more authentically and confidently. The HSP Gathering Retreats have been life changing for many. I am a guest speaker, usually via an online conference, and I highly recommend them.”

To Register, go here:
The HSP Gathering Retreats are limited to 30 people.  We currently have 21 registered. 🙂

Just for fun ~
Elaine Aron & Jacquelyn Strickland – June 2007

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2 Responses to The 36th HSP Gathering Retreat – Sept 25-29, 2019, Whidbey Island, Clinton, Washington

  1. Nicole Forbus says:

    Love to attend a retreat at some point in the future! Proud HSP/empath from Cincinnati, USA!😃

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Hi Nicole …. We are due to have an HSP Gathering Retreat in the midwest ! Do you know of
      any affordable, in nature, retreat centers with healthy food, and a variety lodging accommodations ?
      I am working on a way to make the HSP Gathering Retreats more accessible to more HSPs , both nationally and
      internationally. Will share more about this in an upcoming newsletter

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