The Blessings of the HSP Wisdom Keepers – Your HSP friends and colleagues

Dear HSPs,

The Sensitivity Summit

I’m sure many of you tuned into the free Sensitivity Summit, an incredible project lovingly created by a friend and colleague, Melissa Schwartz, an author, speaker, and transformational coach.  I was honored to be one of the 25 presenters who were able to share knowledge, facts and wisdom about manifesting the gifts of our genetic, neutral trait of Sensory Processing Sensitivity.
I want to support Melissa for the many hours of work it took her to create this wonderful resource for HSPs.   You can own copies of all the 25 speakers and/or join in a four week on-line course Melissa is offering as a follow up to the Sensitivity Summit.   The 4 wk. course starts October 26, so you would need to sign up soon.  Here is that link:

Throughout the Sensitivity Summit, I enjoyed familiar feelings of connection, being seen, heard, and validated as a highly sensitive person. It seems each conversation left me with a stronger sense of inspiration, integrity, authenticity, and wholeness as I continue along my own spiritual journey as a highly sensitive person.

And, then, just this week, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with an HSP when these same feelings of connection and inspiration were rekindled.   The importance of connecting with our HSP friends and colleagues can never be underestimated.  I was reminded about my list of  top ten blessings or benefits (you choose the noun) from these type of HSP connections and decided to share them, once again, with you all.  I hope they inspire you to reach out to just one other HSP … and maybe even thank them for the connection.

The Top Ten Benefits or Blessings of Being in – or creating – an HSP Dyad Partnership

  1. The safety of the relationship provides us with a forum within which to fully “come out” and for our perspectives and experiences to be seen, heard and validated.
  2.  It provides us with validation and acknowledgment – allowing us to be seen and heard – the same as #1 basically.
  3. It relieves pressure,  tension and sometimes sadness from not being authentically seen or heard in our daily lives.
  4. It creates an avenue for fuller self-expression of our Spirit, including our emotions, thoughts,  imaginations, perceptions and visions, often leading us to wonderful (inner) places and (outer) possibilities never before revealed.
  5.  It provides us a place to share our vivid experiences of the world around us, which creates a welcome sense of mutuality , reciprocity and inspiration.
  6. It focuses on our strengths, opens our heart and infuses us with a sacred innocence and joy.
  7. It helps us move beyond blind faith to a feeling of “faith like prayers just heard.”
  8. It can take the pressure off others, especially our non-HSP partners or friends, who may find it tiring to go the depths we naturally find energizing, nurturing and supportive.
  9. It can keep us focused on what really matters and away from irrelevant details which can ultimately drain our energy.
  10. It can activate similar mirror  neurons which allows us to fully embody our own unique energy which can then serve as a guide for our depth of  processing which honors our perceptions.

    “The day breaks, the heart unfolds, this way.”
    ~Jacquelyn Strickland

    This  list comes from personal experience and was co-created with my special HSP friend and personal HSP Dyad Partner, Molly Sheahan, who some of you met at the Sequoia HSP Gathering Retreat in the fall of 2004 and also at the Colorado HSP Gathering in Colorado in the fall of 2007.  Thank you Molly!

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6 Responses to The Blessings of the HSP Wisdom Keepers – Your HSP friends and colleagues

  1. Josie Cohen says:

    Wow the truth of this almost hurts for what was before.
    Thank you for so eloquently voicing my truth anyway.

  2. Céline Lalancette says:

    I have been receiving your newsletters for years and are rare gifts every time. They confirm my belonging to the HSP community and reassure me in the essence of who I am. I know there are not many of us. Our perspective on the world is very different and it is extremely difficult to be seen and heard in a spirit of joy and truth.
    Thank you so much for your insights,

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Dear Celine, What a beautiful message to receive! Thank you. I too know the joy of being authentically seen in a spirit
      of joy and truth …. and let’s not forget love as well. It is an honor to know that what I publicly share is a gift for you. … It is sometimes hard to believe that there are actually 1.4 billion HSPs in the world — or approximately 1 in 5 people. I enjoy playing a game when out in the world, or in groups — and that is I eavesdrop to see if I can identify who may be an HSP…. specifically I look for depth of processing in what they share in conversation. It is so important, especially at this time in history, that we HSPs make our voices and perspectives heard. I hope with your sense of belonging and reassurance that you will continue to share your thoughts and feelings. I grateful to have received them today …All the best (and blessings) to you … Jacquelyn

  3. Cynthia Kosco says:

    I just wish I could find other HSPs in or around Gainesville FL.

    • Jacquelyn says:

      I SO hear you Cynthia ! There are many HSP groups on Facebook, and most of them have, at one time or another, asked
      where members are from. It might be worthwhile to ask this question again, specifically referencing Gainesville, Florida.
      I will ask this question again on my HSP Gathering Retreat FB page, which you can find here: As my dear Mama used to tell me: “Seek and ye shall find.” 🙂

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