The Gentle Power of Sensitivity – a new HSP TED talk

The Gentle Power of Sensitivity
– An ~~  Oh SO Lovely ~~  TED talk
by Elena Herdieckerhoff

If I were to make a TED talk, which I’ve often been encouraged to do, THIS would be the TED talk I would make !!  So thank you Elena Herdieckerhoff.  (Scroll down to view)

I love how you share your message with such sincerity, humor, compassion, advocacy, encouragement, inspiration and personal experience ….  I will be showing this at the future HSP Gathering Retreats ….

Here are some of my favorite sentiments, expressed so beautifully !

“….We must come together as a society to rewrite the negative, cultural  narrative about sensitivity; we need erase the notion that sensitivity is a weakness; so that we can finally benefit from its many strengths; by doing so, we create an environment where everybody is safe to express their softer side – not just HSPs…”

“…It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society…”    Krishnamurti

Stop trying to toughen up; stop hiding …. It is not you who is wrong ….

“…Don’t tell me I’m a dreamer, I know I’m not the only one…”

An HSP Lesson( at 13:45 ) learned from Elena’s Butterfly metaphor:
“… We (butterflies /  HSPs)   do not need to be rescued …their colorful contribution to their natural ecosystem was/is exactly as it should be.  Similarly, HSPs should not hide away from the pain of this world in protective incubator…It is their role to step up, and share their sensitive  gift with all of us…”

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2 Responses to The Gentle Power of Sensitivity – a new HSP TED talk

  1. Phyll Perry says:

    Fantastic talk! Thank you for sharing it Jacquelyn!

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Yes, it IS an incredible talk — for all the reasons I mentioned … plus many more …. Glad you
      enjoyed it ….. and so happy thousands of others are seeing it too.

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