Three reasons to attend the 35th HSP Gathering Retreat, September 30-October 4, Phoenicia, New York

There is still time to register for the 35th HSP Gathering Retreat to be held September 30-October 4, 2018 at the beautiful Menla Mountain Retreat Center – in the Catskill mountains in Phoenicia, New York.
You can register here:

Emily Agnew at the 32nd HSP Gathering
Fenville, Michigan,
Sept 2016

I love how one of my co-hosts,  Emily Agnew,  shares her three reasons why HSPs need to hang out with other HSPs,  and she describes her own experience at the HSP Gathering in Michigan in 2016…

1—It helps us perceive how strong the pull is on us to adjust ourselves to the culture of the nonsensitive majority. I can tell you all day that that pull is operating on you, but until you’ve sat in a room full of HSPs and felt the absence of that  pull, you can’t truly appreciate how strong it is. It’s a remarkable experience, and once you’ve felt the difference, that pull will never have quite the same power over you again.

2—It’s good for our sensitive souls: we can relax in a way we may never have relaxed before, letting go of any fear of being judged, dismissed, ridiculed, or patronized.

3—Our sensitive “Ugly Duckling” stance begins to heal. If you’ve had trouble seeing your own worth and value, or feel like there is something wrong with you, you will find yourself remarking on the worth and value of all the HSPs around you and beginning to ask yourself, “If each of them is unique and wonderful, why not me as well?”And you don’t have to do intense emotional processing to get that healing: merely by being surrounded by swans, you realize you too are a swan.

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Jackie Kutner and Peter Messerschmidt my co-hosts at the 15th HSP Gathering Retreat in 2008 at Menla

Knowing and Being Known as an HSP: 
Our role in being known; Our role in belonging
Sharing a variety of tools and processes we will explore this theme, encouraging a focus on your unique way of showing up as highly sensitive person as well as the unique challenges encountered as we each forge our own path toward integration and wholeness


Dr. Elaine Aron will join us Wednesday, Oct 3rd via Skype speaking about “The Shadow Side of Belonging”Currently, we  have HSPs attending

Elaine & Jacquelyn
March 2018
Advanced Training in HSP Research

Lotus, California
Lake Tahoe, California

Oakland, California
Yorba Linda, California
Ft. Collins, Colorado
Ellicott City, Maryland
Glen Burnie, Maryland
Brookline, MA

Northborough, MA
Edison, New Jers
Rochester, New York
Dallas, Texas
Washington, D.C.

Tokyo, Japan



You can register here:





More about my two co-hosts at the 35th HSP Gathering Retreat

Emily Agnew:   I first met Emily at the 2016 32nd HSP Gathering Retreat in Fenwick, Michigan and have since taken her Focusing Levels I and II for Sensitive People on-line classes. Emily works with sensitive people around the world, facilitating 1:1 sessions and teaching classes that help HSPs heal anxiety, reframe their experiences, and create sustainable lives. She also writes two articles about sensitivity each month for her e-zine, The Listening Post. Emily is a certified facilitator of Focusing and Inner Bonding

Dr. Jadzia Jagiellowicz:  Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances,  Jadiza will not be able to join us this year.  

The mottos at all HSP Gathering Retreats:

You get to practice this motto at the HSP Gathering Retreats


You get to practice this motto at the HSP Gathering Retreats

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