2012 HSP Teleclasses with Jacquelyn

1999 newspaper article advertising my very first HSP Group based on the Research, Service, Advocacy model

Coming in February 2012:

Learning to Facilitate Your Own HSP Empowerment Group
This newspaper article announced the very first HSP groups I facilitated back in 1999. The purpose of these unique groups were: Research, Service & Advocacy. Other goals met using this model were to: create support; ban isolation; share strategies and coping skills; broaden your perspective on the concerns and valuable contributions of HSPs.

This teleclass with cover:  (1)  the ten most important things to know about facilitating your own HSP empowerment group; (2) important questions to ask yourself before embarking on such a group; (3) suggestions on how to find group members; (4) extensive handouts to use with your group, including a “Weekly Research, Service & Advocacy” worksheet to be completed by  group members at the end of each group session; (5) guidelines for group process and (6) mid-way evaluation forms to gain feedback on how your group is going.

If you are interested in being put on this list please send an email to
HSP_Teleclasses@yahoo.com with the sujbect line “HSP Empowerment Group. ”
(Note:  There is an underscore  ( _ ) between HSP & Teleclasses)
Final details for this teleclass, including specific dates & price, are in process and will be available at the first of the year.

Coming in March 2012

The last thing we HSPs need is one more person rolling their eyes with disdain, or disclaiming in defense “Well….I”m sensitive too” when we share information about our HSP trait.  This will be a one-hour teleclass helping you to discern when, if and how to share your HSP trait.   You will leave with your own short, medium and extended version of how to share this wonderful aspect of ourselves with others.
Send an email  to HSP_Teleclasses@yahoo.com with the sujbect line:  Knowing, When, If How.


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