A Special Celebration – The 20th HSP Gathering

September 2 – 6, 2010
Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma, California

Since 2001 HSP Gathering Retreats have provided a compassionate, nurturing environment where highly sensitive people can connect, explore, relax and renew. In this setting, unencumbered HSPs often come alive with insight, creativity and confidence.

Join us for this special HSP Gathering Retreat –
our 20th since 2001 and our 7th at Walker Creek Ranch!

  • Celebrate with special guest Dr. Elaine Aron and learn about her two new books The Undervauled Self and Psychotherapy for HSPs
  • Meet guest speaker Dr. Ted Zeff and celebrate the release of his latest book
    The Strong, Sensitive Boy
  • Join past HSP Gathering presenters, Jenna Avery, Barrie Jaeger and Kris  Carey and other participants as we celebrate the HSP Healing Ways and how far we’ve come since 2001

The HSP Gathering Retreats also serve to:

  • Value the trait of high sensitivity and its contribution to a saner world;
  • Address the needs of Highly Sensitive People;
  • Develop a network of supportive communities for HSPs;
  • Advocate for and empower HPS to ensure their right to emotional, psychological, social, and economic well-being;
  • Foster the exchange of wisdom among HSPs;
  • Educate, motivate, and inspire HSPs to create authentic lives that work for them;
  • Pioneer the “HSP movement” locally, nationally, and internationally

Intangible Gifts You Can Expect:

  • The chance to know and be known, seen and heard;
  • Support, guidance, and a sense of belonging;
  • Enlightenment, empathy, and energy;
  • Feelings validated, and supported;
  • Understanding, and acceptance;
  • Love, hope, and joy;
  • Determination and courage to live your authentic HSP life;
  • Relaxation, rejuvenation and fun

Every HSP Gathering Retreat includes:

  • Dr. Elaine Aron, as our guest speaker, either in person or via teleconference;
  • Evening activities: Art Night, Social Night, and Creativity Night;
  • Leisure time for outdoor nature activities or personal free time;
  • Educational break out sessions

Walker Creek Ranch Presenters:

To learn more about the speakers and their presentations, click here.

  • Dr. Elaine Aron, in person
    The Undervalued Self
  • Dr. Ted Zeff,
    The Strong, Sensitive Boy
  • Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC,
  • Special guests from past HSP Gatherings:
    Jenna Avery
    Barrie Jaeger
    Kris  Carey

Conference Fee:

Early Registration Before August 23rd: $265;
Past HSP Gathering participants take an extra $20 off: Only $245;

Register before the 23rd and receive a special code good for
1 Full Year’s Membership to HSP World Network (a $50 value)

After August 23, 2010; $300
Lodging & Meals extra

For complete details, download registration form here

Questions? Email Jacquelyn

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  1. Sheri Kellogg says:

    Can I get on the email list, so I don’t miss future events like the one at Walker Creek?

    Thank you

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