What will I learn at the The 35th HSP Gathering Retreat™ ?

I’m sure many of you have often wondered:

 “What will I gain by attending
an HSP Gathering Retreat ? “

Of course the answer could be complex, given the “co-creation” and experiential nature of our time together.  With that said, below is what you can generally expect to learn and be involved in at any future HSP Gathering…. as well as the specifics objectives for the upcoming 35th HSP Gathering Retreat to be held near the Catskill Mountains in Phoenicia, New York, September 30 – October 4, 2018.

HSP Gathering Retreat(Since 2001)  

Objectives, Mission Statement of all the HSP Gathering Retreats
The objectives, or mission statement,  of all HSP Gathering Retreats have evolved, and been self- sustained  over many years.   One of the main purposes of the HSP Gathering Retreats can best  be explained from an excerpt from  The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, which I affectionately call:   “the HSP Way.”

The 11th HSP Gathering, Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Sept 2006

“HSPs like other HSPs.
HSPs help each other.
As HSPs, we must find those who believe in us
and in whom we believe,
and band together for
support, encouragement, and protection.” 

The HSP Gathering Retreats also serve:

  • To share accurate, up-to-date scientific information about our genetically inherited HSP trait
  • To value the trait of high sensitivity and its contribution to the world
  • To raise the self-esteem of HSPs by providing a safe atmosphere in which to be seen, heard, and validated
  • To foster the exchange of wisdom based on personal experiences
  • To educate, motivate, and inspire HSPs to create authentic lives that work for them so that they embrace their unique gifts and manifest those gifts in the world
  • To help develop supportive communities for HSPs locally, nationally and internationally

    The mottos at all HSP Gathering Retreats are:
    Focus on Needs, Not Approval
    Trust the Process, even if feeling vulnerable or confused, always asking:

    “What is there  for me to learn in this moment?”  

    And perhaps most importantly,
    “What do I need in this moment?”   

    Practicing these mottos for four days in a safe, accepting, non-judgmental environment can provide confidence to integrate this way of being into your life back at home.

Here are some of the gifts you might receive from attending a HSP Gathering Retreat:

Elaine Aron – Changing the lives of millions ! a true pioneer and stalwart support for HSP Enlightenment through her research and writing


  • Meet and hear Dr. Elaine Aron, always our guest speaker, and my co-founder of the HSP Gathering Retreats, either in person or via Skype or Zoom
  • The chance to know and be known; to be seen and heard
  •  Support, guidance, and a sense of belonging
  •  Determination and courage to live your authentic HSP life
  •  Understanding, and acceptance
  •  Relaxation and rejuvenation

Now, with all that shared above, here is what to know about the 2018 HSP Gatherings.

The theme for both the 2018 HSP Gathering Retreats is:

Knowing and Being Known as an HSP:  Our role in being know; our role in belonging.

Sharing a variety of tools and processes we will explore this theme by encouraging a focus on your unique way of showing up as a highly sensitive person, as well as sharing the unique challenges encountered as we each forge our own path toward integration and wholeness.

Educational Topics:

Barbara Allen-Williams at the 22nd HSP Gathering Retreat in 2011.

The Spiritual Journey to Empowerment for the Highly Sensitive Person,
you will learn:

  • To identify your unique stage of cultural awareness and acceptance about your HSP trait
  • What to expect along the spiritual journey and to define what that means for you
  • The process of moving from external listening to internal listening
  • Understand a systems perspective which teaches : When one change happens in a system it affects the whole system, which is why it is important to anticipate conflict and ways to handle it
  • Recognizing that grief, disappointment and necessary losses are usually part of the journey, and although difficult, this process leads to our HSP well-being, congruence and joy.
  • Understand the importance of creating an authentic life based on your own values, needs, hopes and goals

An HSP way of taking notes

Integrated Wholeness of the Heart, you will learn:

  • How to interrupt the cycles of rumination
  • How to compartmentalize incoming information so that our emotional reactions can be more easily turned into integrated whole-hearted action or decision making
  • To identify your individual pattern of boundary setting
  • To identify the different internal voices competing for your attention
  •  To set healthy, heart centered boundaries
  • To connect and listen for wisdom from your own HSP inner sanctuary
  • How to access nature for self-soothing, joy and wisdom

Conversation Café,  these unique structured conversations will :

A beautiful spot for a Conversation Cafe – a past HSP Gathering

  • Fulfill the HSP need for deep conversation and connection
  • Offer the opportunity to experience what it is like to be fully seen, heard and listened to
  • Offer the opportunity to earn from different perspectives about an HSP topic most appealing to you
  • Share a  summary of common needs,
    solutions, unmet needs

There is still time to register .  Mention this newsletter and the late registration fee of $50 will be waived (only through 9/24/18.)  After this date the $50 late fee is necessary due to extra administrative work.
Go here to register:

 September 30 – October 4th
Menla Mountain Retreat Center (www.menla.us)
Phoenicia, New York

As of September 10th we have HSP registered from:

Lotus, California
Oakland, California
Yorba Linda, California
Lake Tahoe, California

Ft. Collins, Colorado
Newtown, Connecticut
Safety Harbor, Florida
Stuart, Florida

Ellicott City, Maryland
Glen Burnie, Maryland
Brookline, MA

Northborough, MA
Edison, New Jersey

Rochester, New York
Dallas, Texas
Washington, D.C.

Tokyo, Japan

Time is running out … if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at jacquelyn@hspgatheringretreats.com

I do hope some of you can find a way to join us…

with anticipation and gratitude,


A rainy night at the 9th HSP Gathering Retreat, Somerset, England, April 2001





22nd HSP Gathering. Gaunts House, 2011

HSP Art Night Collage

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