Winter 2012 HSP Teleclasses ~ Still Open for Registration

The Flat Irons ~ Boulder, Colorado

Winter Greetings dear HSPs….

I’m writing  to let you know there is still time to register for one of my Winter HSP Teleclasses.  In fact, these teleclasses will have an on-going registration process ~ where you sign up to be on a waiting list ~ and once we have enough participants our class will be a go!  It usually doesn’t take very long to have a teleclass be a “go” because I allow them to proceed with a small number of participants.  Why?  Because I actually enjoy small teleclasses and the intimacy they provide.  So, if the dates for the Winter 2012 HSP Teleclasses do not work for you, simply go to and enter the teleclass you are interested in as the subject line.  You will be contacted with the dates for the next teleclass of your interest.  (Note:  There is an underscore _ between HSP and Teleclasses in the email address above.)

Here are the teleclasses offered February and March 2012:

Saturday, February 18 and 25
Facilitate Your Own HSP Empowerment Group

Saturday, March 10, 2012 ~
 Knowing When, If and How to Share Your HSP Trait

Saturday, March 17 and 24, 2012
HSP-Myers Briggs Teleclass
(Payment due February 17 & class size limited)

The 24th HSP Gathering Retreat – June 7-11, 2012 near Santa Cruz, California
 The Registration Form for the 24th HSP Gathering Retreat is now up on my website.   Please go to for more information and to download a registration form.   Note:  It might help to think of a HSP Gathering as a “vacation destination” of sorts ~ spending four days and nights in a beautiful nature-oriented setting, all meals included,  with beautiful people enjoying experiential educational

Group Campfire ~ Gaunts House, United Kingdom, July 2011

topics and activities to help you thrive as a HSP.  Sharing a room makes it all the more affordable ~ and trust me ~ there is always plenty of space for solitude and the sleeping rooms are designated as “quiet zones.”

All for now…. stay tuned for an article I’m working on exploring the HSP-Non-HSP Relationship…coming soon.

With all the best HSP wishes,


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