Winter Greetings from Jacquelyn

Winter Greetings dear HSPs,
Before reading this newsletter, I want to let you know that for some strange reason ( ?!) random links are appearing without my consent.  I’ve tried unsuccessfully to remove them, but in the interest of time, I am letting technology have its weird ways right now.  My apologies.

A step back in time to the 1950's - at my friend's cabin about an hour away from my house   I love spending time here !

A step back in time to the 1950’s – at my friend’s cabin about an hour away from my house I love spending time here !

I don’t know about you, but January and February are my least favorite months here in Colorado. I suspect winter months may be harder for many people, especially HSPs.  Historically,  I have struggled to stay motivated, preferring to stay cocooned inside. Not this year !  I’ve already had a great time (cocooning) at a cozy cabin about an hour away from my house, and have plans for another (cocooning) rendevous there in a couple of weeks!  And when I say “cocooning” I mean: getting into my natural rhythms for the days; writing; reading; working; snow shoeing, building and stoking the fire; listening to music; bundling up, going outside at night to view the stars; and” listen” and relish in the absolute silence.  I wish every HSP could have this type of personal retreat at least once a year, if not more. View from the cabin's deck

And there’s more!   I am thrilled to be welcoming my dear friend and colleague, Barbara Allen-Williams from the United Kingdom into our home for an entire month ! (Yes we have plenty of space for our alone time.)  Barbara and I are  offering two opportunities for HSP growth, connection, and sharing.  Please considering joining us for one and/or both of these events:

January 19, 2012: Facts, Myths, Mysteries & Metaphors About the HSP Trait – a Teleclass

January 26 & 27, 2012 : Your Sensitive Heart, a 2 day workshop here in Colorado

Other things in this issue of HSP Highlights & Insights include my review of Brene Brown’s wonderful (not so new) book, Daring Greatly.   I share her Top Ten Guideposts for WholeHearted Living.  This is very applicable for living an empowered HSP life. 

And, speaking of books:  This just out!  Ted Zeff’s new book  Raise an Emotionally Healthy Boy: Save Your son from the Violent Boy Culture is now available on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble.   “The book provides many original, practical ideas for parents and teachers to help boys grow into compassionate and emotionally healthy men who can transcend male violent behavior. Give a copy to everyone you know who is helping to raise a boy.”
Congratulations Ted !! We need this voice in our world !

A grand visit to one of the many side canyons of the Grand Canyon.  Clear, clean, cool, refreshing water - a much needed break from the otherwise muddy waters of the Colorado River.

A grand visit to one of the many side canyons of the Grand Canyon. Clear, clean, cool, refreshing water – a much needed break from the otherwise muddy waters of the Colorado River.

Finally, I realize this is my first newsletter in a long time… I want to thank those of you who have written to inquire further about my “less than grand” rafting adventure in the Grand Canyon during September 2012. Please know I haven’t forgotten you .. nor my promise to share what I learned as an HSP during some most trying experiences. Meanwhile, here is a picture from one of my fondest memories ~~ yes, there were meaningful moments for me .. which I’ll share soon I promise !!  If you missed my original article, “Is THIS  on a HSP Bucket List?” go here to read about my well-thought out preparation plans, which in the end, didn’t help at all !

Lazy days on the 19 day raft trip through the Grand Canyon.  (I lasted 15 days.)

Lazy days on the 19 day raft trip through the Grand Canyon. (I lasted 15 days.)

Also please mark your calendars for the next two HSP Gathering Retreats:
The 26th HSP Gathering Retreat
May 9-13, 2013 – Near Stockholm, Sweden. Please check here for the latest updates.

The 27th HSP Gathering Retreat
September 26-30, 2013 – Estes Park, Colorado at YMCA of the Rockies – Dr. Elaine Aron will hopefully be joining us in person…but if not, she will be with us via teleconference.  More details and a registration page coming soon.

All for now… for this issue of HSP Highlights & Insights anyway…. I’m motivated and inspired … so you should be receiving more issues in the coming weeks.

All my best wishes for 2013 … and just in case you don’t know … I love you all … and appreciate our connection .. in whatever form it has taken place.


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7 Responses to Winter Greetings from Jacquelyn

  1. evj says:

    I wish HSPs were not just another group to exploit. I don’t see anything offered that’s just people getting together. It’s nice to have offerings. I greatly value that my trait is healthy unique & normal. I don’t feel I need to be exploited for a therapist’s or anyone’s gain. I tried signing up for the one place where there wasn’t a fee, but never heard back from anyone. If the trait is as presented, not a neurosis requiring diagnosis & treatment, why the need for economic gain for everything involved with it? My reason for seeking more info was to connect with others where I live & can afford to meet locally, informally, as healthy individuals. Apparently such simplicity doesn’t exist.

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Yes, I too often wish the world were more simplistic … so you are definitely not alone in this! There are actually many, many opportunities for HSPs to get together — mainly through In fact, you could start your own Meet Up group ! However,
      you will find, that too, costs about $19 month to maintain, not to mention all the time and effort one puts into it. Economic gain is necessary to compensate for one’s time, energy, knowledge, website costs, and the list goes on. I could literally spend 8 hours a day merely answering unsolicited questions many people have about the HSP trait, and of course, this is impossible. The next best solution is to offer what I consider to be a very low cost teleclass. I’m sorry if you are feeling exploited. There are many free Facebook HSP groups where much support and connection is shared. I hope you can find what you are looking for.

  2. Josie Cohen says:

    Dear Jcquelyn,

    How I would love to join you in Colorado for the next meeting together but i live in Perth Western Australia. Any hope of having a webenair type conference of the main speakers for those too far away. it is understood there would be a cost to subscribe. Just an idea for you to consider. Many thanks.

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Josie! It is an excellent idea, yet one I have not investigated, mainly due to my lack of technical know-how. I’ll ask a few technical people I know and see what we can come up with. Perhaps you might be able to attend a HSP Gathering in your neck of the woods, as seeds have been planted for a HSP Gathering in Australia and New Zealand in the Fall of 2014. Can’t promise, only see how the seeds develop. 🙂

  3. Grace Kerina says:


    Thank you for this update about your inner and outer life. I’m glad you have a way to enjoy winter even as you nourish your deepness. My HSP-friendly wintertimes include snuggles with the hot water bottle, DVDs in the dark afternoons, and being masterful at bundling up (long johns, two hats, two pairs of gloves, etc.). It’s the difference between considering the snow a bother and a visual blessing.

    The classes you and Barbara are offering look like gems. I hope they go really well.

    With love,

  4. Maxine Fountain says:

    Dear Jacquelyn,
    I hesitate to write as I am no longer sure that I ‘fit’ to call myself an HSP. In 1997 I moved from NY City to Portland, OR and began a new career. About a year or so after, my employer gave me the first book, THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON by Elaine; also, we both attended one of her talks at a local book store. Boy did I listen to her and ‘Oh Boy’ was I fortunate to have an HSP employer! (my job might have been caput if not!)

    It had been pointed out to me, over the years, that I was ‘overly’, ‘too’, ‘took things too personally’ (you know the phrases) but never once complimented or praised for being aware of others feelings and the rest that goes with being an HSP- until I read THE BOOK. Since then, with therapy, a women’s empowerment group and more life experiences, my HSPness has been honed to the point where I’m no longer sure I deserve to be called one. In a way it has been positive; I am good at recognizing the traits in other adults and the children with whom I work. On the other hand (there is almost always another hand!) I occasionally feel as though I have lost some sensitivity and caring for those around me.

    So, though I know there is a continuum on which HSP-Non HSP’s can be ‘measured’ I sometimes feel guilty that I have your e-zine to read and often wish I could attend some of the events, which I have been unable to do for reasons I know but don’t need to share.

    Consequently, what I really want to say is: Thank you for staying in contact over the years, taking over a project that Elaine had to give up so she could continue her writing, touring, etc. Even though you can’t always fit it in to your life, I appreciate what you do send when you send it! I will continue to sometimes feel undeerserving but have no intention of ‘unsubscribing!

    As I always am, Maxine Fountain

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