Winter (or is it Spring?) Greetings from Jacquelyn


Enjoying winter wonderland in Colorado

Enjoying winter wonderland in Colorado

Dear HSPs,
Although it is March, you might not know it if you didn’t live in Colorado.  It can be the snowiest month here.   I know many HSPs would not find being outside in the snow a pleasant experience.  However, because of our total lack of humidity, our winters never really seem cold.  In fact, they can be quite pleasant   Yes, we have snowy, blustery days when a winter storm is arriving, yet shortly after, the sun reappears, and the days are filled blue skies and picturesque scenes.    And perhaps it is because of my “Vantage Sensitivity that I can see them as “winter wonderland” kind of days,while also joyfully anticipating Spring !IMG_1729

There is much to share with you in this newsletter, especially in the “Schedule of Events” department.  Here is a list of upcoming opportunities I am grateful to be a part of:

  • May 9-13, 2013:   
           The 26th HSP Gathering Retreat !!  – Spring in Sweden !  

     Yes!  I will be traveling to Enkoping, Sweden for this special gathering!  Dr. Elaine Aron will be joining us in person on Sunday, May 12th as we celebrate her books being published and released in the Swedish language.  Congratulations Elaine !!

Facts, Myths, Mysteries & Metaphors About the HSP Trait – a 2.5 hour recorded teleclass – available to you NOW !



Barbara and Jacquelyn during Barbara's 1 month visit in February 2013

Barbara and Jacquelyn during Barbara’s 1 month visit in February 2013

April 27 & 28, 2013 :  From Shame to Empowerment as a HSP  (Check the link below for information) a 2 day workshop in the United Kingdom with Barbara Allen-Williams of the National Centre for High Sensitivity ~ Go here to register and to find out more:

  • The 27th HSP Gathering Retreat – September 26-30, 2013 at the beautiful and uniquely peaceful Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado.   Details coming very soon.

Plus, be sure to check out all the links from past newsletters, including:

If you can find a way to join one of the opportunities above, I would love to “see” you again, or meet you for the first time,  if only in a teleclass.  If not, there will be pictures and updates posted on the HSP Gathering Retreat Facebook page which you can “like” here:

With gratitude, love and HSP connection !




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