Workplaces & HSPs often equal : overwhelm, burnout, imbalance, unmet needs

Esther Bergsma

Drs. Esther Bergsma (Msc) is an author,  scientific researcher in the Netherlands who specializes in the trait of Sensory Processing Sensitivity or highly sensitive people.   In 2018 she conducted interviews with over 5,500 HSPs in twenty different countries !!  Her research will hopefully empower employees to better understand their most valued employees, plus validate the thousands of highly sensitive people who struggle with dysfunctional, unhealthy environments, or who are merely “mismatched” in their choices of employment.

Thank you Dr. Bergsma for your tireless work on behalf of highly sensitive people around the world.   Read more about her findings here:
Overwhelm:  Can be specifically traced to environments – the more negative the environment the more detrimental in five noted areas:

Effects of being Overwhelmed

What HSPs need in the workplace

My Favorite Books on HSPs and Work 

Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person,
Dr. Barrie Jager

Dr.  Jaeger defines these very important concepts:
Drudgery, Craft & Calling




The Career Guide for Creative & Unconventional People,
Carole Eikelberry

Thrive,  The Highly Sensitive Person & Career,
by Dr. Tracy Cooper

Let Your Life Speak, by Parker J. Palmer









Do What You Are, Discovering the perfect career through the secrets of personality type (based on the Myers Briggs) 
by Tieger & Tieger
A recent quote from my Myers Briggs/ HSP Overlay online class:

“Thank you Jacquelyn for this very helpful and life changing class. It greatly expanded my perspective on being an HSP and an INFP.  I have always had good paying jobs, with great benefits, and never really knew why I was so miserable.   Your class introduced me to the book, “Do What You Are” which led me to the career of nutritionist.  I have now returned to school with a much better understanding of my true calling and with the insight to know which type of work environments I can thrive in.  Thank you. ”
Cathy T. Greeley, Colorado, Winter 2019

You may register for the Spring 2019 Myers Briggs/HSP Overlay online class here:

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