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The HSP Question

Be ready at any time to recite your own answer to the inevitable question: "What is an HSP?" Your answer should include research, the author's name, and a brief, factual response, that is warm, confident and inviting. Mine goes something like this:

"Oh, ...according to the research by Dr.Elaine Aron, HSPs are thought to be found in approximatley 20% of the human population (an animal population for that matter.) This population is thought to have a more finely tuned central nervous systems so therefore we are more susceptible to environmental stimuli whether that be positive or negative. This kind of stimuli might be noise, fragrance, certain foods, chaos, beauty, pain, ...We tend to process this sensory stimuli more deeply that the average person. It can be quite a challenging trait to have. I have really enjoyed learning about highly senstive people and connecting with other HSPs through the many networks that are evolving."

Okay...this is long...but you get the general idea. If I am speaking with someone more than 5 minutes regarding HSPs, I would hope to at least share this much specific information in order to properly educate the person I am speaking with...and to show respect and appreciation for the culture of HSPs!

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