HSP Community Book Club Discussion – Starts Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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The Highly Sensitive Person: How to thrive when the world overwhelms you

It is not too late to join

an HSP Community Book Club Discussion + mentoring & coaching
 reading The Highly Sensitive Person:
How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You

by Dr. Elaine Aron.

Starting Tuesday, March 9 meeting every other Tuesday
through August 3, 2021.   11:30 am – 1:00 pm (Mountain)

Facilitated by Jacquelyn Strickland, a member of the International Consultants on High Sensitivity (ICHS)

(1):  to co-create a community of seekers who would enjoy reading Elaine Aron’s first book, or the newest 2020 edition:   The Highly Sensitive Person, How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You. 

(2)   to deepen understanding of Sensory Processing Sensitivity; become educated about the facts, while dispelling myths; share experiences;  science, new research, and enjoy knowledgeable discussions on all aspects of our SPS trait.

(3)  to better understand your personal journey as an HSP, what to expect along the way, identify strengths, weaknesses, and obstacles to fully integrating your HSP trait into your daily life.  Learn what are ‘therapeutic’ issues and obstacles, and what can be worked through by reading, and /or in friendship with other HSPs.

Who is this HSP Learning Circle for?
This HSP Community Book Club Discussion + mentoring & coaching is for those who have not yet read Elaine’s first book, and /or for those who would like to refresh their knowledge of Sensory Processing Sensitivity, and how it applies to their life.   Many of us have read this book several times with new insights each time.

This HSP Community Book Club Discussion + mentoring & coaching will adhere to the three purposes mentioned above.  It will be facilitated with the added knowledge, wisdom, coaching, and mentoring skills of Jacquelyn Strickland.  This book club community discussion is for those who have not yet read Elaine’s first book, and for those who would like to refresh their knowledge of SPS, and how it applies to their life.   Many of us have read this book several times with new insights each time.

Jacquelyn will incorporate the new science, knowledge, and insights from the foreword in the newest edition of The Highly Sensitive Person as these topics arise in each chapter.   You can still use the older version (published in 1996) or purchase the newest version.

What:  An online Educational /Community Opportunity to explore, grow, learn, share all about our HSP trait, using Elaine Aron’s first book mentioned above.  (This is THE most crucial book you will read to start your journey as an educated, informed HSP.)

When:  Starting March 9, 2021,
through July 27, 2021, every other Tuesday for 11 weeks
NOTE: The deadline to register is Thursday, March 4, 2021, at 5:00 pm Mountain.

Time:  60-90 minutes  at 11:30 am (U.S. Mountain)   6:00 pm (U.K.)   7:00 pm (Europe)  https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Cost:   $297 payable in advance at http://www.lifeworkshelp.com/pay.htm
Once payment is received, you will receive a Zoom link to PRE-REGISTER for the group.

If you have not used Zoom before, please go to the Zoom website to create your free account.   Please take time to familiarize yourself with how to use it.   

Group Norms / Expectations

  • Speak what has heart and meaning for you: about your experience, questions, concerns, thoughts; emotions, and needs. Reading this book together may feel therapeutic and poignant at times, yet it is important to remember it is not a therapy or support group.
  • Stay focused on the topic at hand.
  • Please come prepared, having read the chapter, and engage in the group’s discussion – where your thoughts, feelings, needs, perspectives are not only welcome but needed. Each HSP experience is different, and we learn best when open to all experiences and perspectives.
  • It is okay to respectfully agree to disagree, however, the group’s purpose is to learn about Elaine Aron’s research and work about high sensitivity.

About Jacquelyn:

Jacquelyn has been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 1993, having worked exclusively with highly sensitive people since 2000.  She is one of the very first pioneers, with Elaine Aron, of what is now an international movement connecting HSPs around the world.  Jacquelyn & Elaine co-founded the HSP Gathering RetreatsSince 2001 , and there have been 36 and counting, national and international retreats.   We will be celebrating the 37th retreat as soon as it is safe to gather, and possibly we will gather virtually as well.

Jacquelyn’s background in Social Work, Women’s Studies, cultural diversity, and a graduate degree in Counseling have empowered and informed her work since first finding out about our HSP trait in May of 1996.   Her psychotherapy practice included therapeutic orientations, coaching principles, mixed with a client’s spiritual foundation. She has been trained in hypnotherapy and loved her work as an EMDR, Level II practitioner.

She has been certified to utilize Myers Briggs Personality Assessment since 1991, and is also well versed in the use of the Enneagram, using both of these modalities, when helpful, in her work.    She now connects with highly sensitive people around the world as an HSP mentor, coach, educator, and retreat & workshop leader, including the HSP Gathering Retreats, and her Nature as Teacher and Healer retreats held in beautiful Colorado where she lives.    She is an expert on Sensory Processing Sensitivity and a member of ICHS – International Consultants High Sensitivity, a group of international professionals trained by Elaine Aron in 2018.
Jacquelyn has been married to an introvert, who is not highly sensitive, since 1978 and is the mother of two grown sons, one an HSP, and one simply very kind, compassionate, yet without the sensitive nervous system.  She is the grandmother of three delightful grandchildren, ages 3, 4, and 6.  One granddaughter is almost certainly a sensitive extrovert like her grandmother.

Elaine and Jacquelyn
March 2018, Tiburon, CA at the ICHS training

About ICHS – International Consultants High Sensitivity
International Consultants on High Sensitivity (ICHS) is a professional group of HSPs from different countries who are well-versed in the scientific research pertaining to SPS. They bring a wealth of combined knowledge and experience in how to thrive and honor our trait in our workplaces, families, relationships, and more. The ICHS professionals are fortunate to have received in-depth training and ongoing updates regarding the most current research on highly sensitive people from Elaine Aron, PhD.

Connect with Jacquelyn at her www.lifeworkshelp.com  or on Facebook page at:   https://www.facebook.com/HSPGatheringRetreats.    You can sign up for her newsletter,
HSP Highlights & Insights  – http://www.lifeworkshelp.com/subscribe.htm



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