June 26 & 28, 2020 ~ A 20 year online celebration of the HSP Gathering Retreats

Just a reminder
the online 

20 YEAR CELEBRATION of the HSP Gathering Retreats
for past HSP Gathering Retreat participants
(scroll down for Note to hose who have not attended gathering before)

To find out more about what we will be doing in each celebration please go here:

U.S., North America
Last chance to register is Friday, 10 am, June 26.
Friday evening, June 26, 2020 ;  6:30 PM Mountain Time (US and North America)
Register in advance for this meeting:

Last chance to register is Saturday, 27 June at 5:00 pm Mountain, U.S.
Sunday, June 28, 2020   ~~  9:30  am (Mountain time  ~   late afternoon, early evening for most European time zones)
Register in advance for this meeting:

You can check your time zone here:  https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Elaine and Jacquelyn
March 2018, Tiburon, CA

In the link below is a brief message from Elaine Aron and I as we share in memory and celebration of past HSP Gathering Retreats, and the 25th year since her first book was published!

**Note:  If you have not attended a HSP Gathering Retreat — please do not feel left out… There will be two similar opportunities in July for a special Wednesday’s HSP Free Writes.  Stay tuned for dates and times.

with love to all,

P.S.  Here are just a few of the many pictures I love …. each gathering evolves with a unique feeling sense or special energy … and each one holds such a special place in my heart and mind.

16th HSP Gathering Retreat ~ 2006 – Somerset, England

The very first HSP Gathering Retreat – May 2001 . Petaluma, California

6th HSP Gathering Retreat ~ 2004 -~Sequoia Natl Park


The 34th HSP Gathering Retreat, June 2018, Dorset, England


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