Overview & Invitation – 25th HSP Gathering Retreat, North Carolina Oct 25-29

Greetings dear HSPs….

It is hard to believe that October 25-29, 2012 we will be celebrating the 25th HSP Gathering Retreat since 2001 !! The fall colors should delight our senses, and as usual, we’ll have Saturday afternoon to roam about the 4,000 acres at Montreat Conference Center (www.montreat.org.)  Since October is my birthday month, the early registration deadline will be honored through October 15th. Download a Registration Form here: http://www.lifeworkshelp.com/hspgathering.htm

2010 North Carolina HSP Gatherers

Currently, we have HSPs attending from:

    Fort Collins
New Jersey
   Carson City
New York
   New York
North Carolina

There are ride sharing opportunities

• to and from Asheville Regional Airport
• to and from Charlotte/Douglas International Airport
• to and from Lexington, Kentucky
• to and from Northern Virginia via Interstate 81

The theme of this HSP Gathering Retreat will be on Self Identity, Spirituality and Empowerment as a HSP.

We’ll use the stastically valid and reliable Myers Briggs and Enneagram to solidify and understand our personality traits ~ especially as they relate to being a HSP. You will be encouraged to identify personal obstacles and challenges on your own individual HSP journey.

Thorough guided imagery and individual reflection time, you will have the opportunity to identify and connect with a protective and nurturing ally figure to rely on for support so that your authentic HSP self can emerge and thrive more authentically.

Here are the topics for Sunday only, October 28, 2012.

Staying Grounded in our Authentic Highly Sensitive Self
with Dr.Elaine Aron via teleconference on Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some have argued that there is no such thing as an “authentic self”–we are simply the product of our family and culture. There’s one exception, however–temperament. The innate part of your personality is a product of your genes, and this is especially true of the highly sensitive. It’s authentically you. Hence the more you become intimately familiar with your trait, the stronger your sense of self becomes. Yet for many of us this can be stressful, too. Who is this new person, this “HSP”? Others want to know, too. “What’s all this about? Who do you think you are?” As we become more our authentic self, some will celebrate and others dislike it, pressuring us to return to our “old” self. We’ll discuss how to stay grounded in the reality of our innate, physical difference as the winds of our change and resistance to it whirl around us.

Integrated Wholeness of the Heart™  with Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC

Yes, it’s true. We HSPs are born with a tendency to notice more subtleties in our environments, and to reflect more deeply on our perceptions emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. I have also found through my years of working with HSPs that many of us are unfortunately victims of rumination and being erroneously upset by our assumptions. During this process I have found it common for HSPs to be “other” focused while ignoring their own needs.

In this workshop you will learn a model I created called “Integrated Wholeness of the Heart” which will help us learn how to more quickly break free of rumination tendencies and to use our deep processing abilities to chose to act vs. react – and to do so by honoring your truest self. We will combine this integration model with Transactional Analysis, a useful cognitive-behavioral model created in the 60’s by Thomas Harris, MD, author of I’m Okay, You’re Okay.

There will be time for hands-on practice and you will leave with an integrated action plan to get you unstuck from some of your most troubling situations.

Hope to see you there !

With gratitude, love and anticipation for another wonderful and unique HSP Gathering Retreat experience,


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